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Anti-drone tech deployed at Davos World Economic Forum




anti-drone technology

The HP 47 works by disabling the drone’s ability to send and receive signals and turning off remote access. The jammer should also disable the drone’s video feed. Instead of just falling out of the sky, the drones will hover in place while some agent like a sniper destroys them. In less dramatic fashion, a rocket propelled net could also bring the drone down.

Part of disabling these drones is the ability to track them, a speciality of San Francisco-based Dedrone. In describing how his firm’s technology works, Dedrone CEO Joerg Lamprecht explained that the software detects intrusions of airspace and provides early warnings of rogue drones in flight.

The software even saw use in Las Vegas during a debate between US presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Dedrone’s tech has equally impressed investors and the firm raised some $USD 15 million last year in series B funding. Its deployment in Davos will likely further burnish its credentials as one of the premier drone tracking and anti-drone technologies on the market.

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