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Answering your We Talk UAV FAQs!




What do you edit with?

Alex and Chivo use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Chivo is a fan of YouTubers like Peter Mckinnon, while Alex is more into humor like nigahiga. For unboxings, Alex watches channels like Unbox Therapy and The Verge.

Which gimbal do you personally use?

The original DJI Osmo mobile is still Alex’s favorite gimbal. It may be more expensive, but its build quality is better than most newly released mobile phone gimbals.

What is your relationship with other YouTubers like?

We Talk UAV

Even though We Talk UAV has crossed comments with Captain Drone and Billy Kyle, collaborating with other YouTubers has yet to happen.

What do we hate the most?

Reviewing drones that are supposed to be simple and straight forward to use is We Talk UAV’s most hated thing to do. When drones are marketed to be simple to use but end up being a frustrating mess, then it just becomes a hassle to deal with.

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