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Answering your We Talk UAV FAQs!




Running a YouTube drone channel attracts questions and comments from viewers, so here is a We Talk UAV video answering the most frequently asked questions:

Can you run the old Phantom 4 Pro propellers on the new Phantom 4 Pro V2.0?

Phantom 4 Pro 2.0

All Phantom 4 Pro propellers are interchangeable, so yes, the old Phantom 4 Pro propellers work on the updated model. That also means the new, low-noise propellers from the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 will work on the original Phantom 4 Pro.

Which drones do we use on our free time?

DJI drones

The cameraman, Chivo, prefers the Mavic Air, while Alex likes the Phantom 4 Pro (V2.0).

Do you work with affiliates?

We Talk UAV has worked with affiliates in the past, but in general, products featured on We Talk UAV are reviewed by people who just genuinely enjoy flying drones.

Tip: Please do not click on so-called We Talk UAV links in the comments; those links are just spam. If We Talk UAV links something, check the description under the YouTube video only!

What camera do you use to film?

Chivo films with an Sony a6500 and a 18-105mm f4 lens. He also shoots using 4K 25fps or 1080p at 100 fps for slow motion footage. For audio, Chivo uses the Sennheiser EW-100 wireless system.

Which sunglasses does Alex wear?

Alex wears sunglasses from Assen Eyewear.

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