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Amazon’s New 60,000 Square Foot Drone Research Facility




Amazon’s new 60,000 square foot research facility is going to be open in Cambridge, England, and it has the capacity for 400 employees. Engineers and scientists alike will research improvements in artificial intelligence, and they will also further develop their Amazon Prime Air system, which includes the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for packaged deliveries.

This means that Amazon Prime Air will be a step closer to being a normal delivery option, and Alexa, the artificially intelligent speaker assistant, will also be further researched and developed.

Amazon Prime Air drone research facility

When Will This Drone Research Facility Be Open?

Amazon is projecting to open the drone research facility this fall.

When it comes to UAV deliveries, Amazon has a history in the United Kingdom. Back in December 2016, Amazon delivered a bag of popcorn and an Amazon Fire TV. It only took 13 minutes to deliver.

Some people have been speculating that Amazon Prime Air may result in a loss of delivery jobs, but it may actually do the opposite. Technicians and UAV operators may still need to be near these UAV sites for maintenance. UAV delivery systems can act as a supplement rather than a direct delivery replacement. It’ll also make online shopping more attractive for consumers. Amazon is already doing a great job in offering same day deliveries, so just imagine if they can deliver goods within 30 minutes of a purchase.

Amazon Prime Air can also make other delivery services cheaper. The competition to deliver packages can lower the rates of other conventional delivery services such as two-day shipping. This move to expand Amazon’s research facility is part of Amazon’s multi-billion dollar investment in the UK.

What Else Will Amazon’s Research Facility Be Used For?

Amazon will focus on developing the technology behind their Amazon products. This includes research for their Kindle E-Readers, Fire Tablets, Fire TV Sticks, Echo Look and Echo Dot Devices.

Amazon Prime Air drone researches

How Fast Amazon Prime Air Will Be?

Amazon is aiming to deliver packaged goods in 30 minutes or less.

Amazon Prime Air delivery

Matt Hancock, the Minister of State for Digital and Culture, said, “This is fantastic news – Amazon’s increased investment in developing cutting-edge technology in Cambridge is another vote of confidence in the UK as a world-leading center of invention and innovation.”

amazon prime air logo

Dedicated research in technology is key to winning the support of the government. If Amazon’s research facility can provide innovative safety features for these unmanned aerial vehicles, then Amazon Prime Air be here sooner than expected.


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