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All New Products From DJI At CES 2017 Are Here! Are You Ready?




large osmo mobile s6

Are you ready to rock CES 2017? – We are ready too!

The big boy of the consumer drone industry, DJI couldn’t miss this event, and they have already published the main products that will be introduced at CES 2017.

Let’s take a look:

Osmo Mobile Silver

Yes, the name of a product speaks for itself. It’s and Osmo mobile that is silver. Probably the color that ladies will love more than original robust black.

DJI at CES 2017

Not only ladies gonna love the color but also they will appreciate the feature that gets pimples, black dots or other skin imperfections out of their face. Of course, it’s done through the software, Osmo Mobile Silver is not a professional cosmetologist, but it will make your skin look better.


Osmo Mobile Silver, same as regular black Osmo mobile supports a wide range of smartphones starting with small ones like iPhone 5s and going all the way up to iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7 (RIP Note 7).

What is the main difference of the Black and Silver OSMO?


Zenmuse M1 

Osmo owners will appreciate this one for sure! Basically, it’s a “head” of Osmo Mobile that can be attached to the regular OSMO. Very practical and useful thing, I wonder why they didn’t release it from the beginning.

zenmuse M1

Now the question of the day! Can we attach M1 to the Inspire 1 and put our smartphones in the sky?

DJI Ground Station Pro

This is an application that will allow users to plan the flight and do all kinds of autopilot tricks. This app will be handy for creating maps and 3D models of the buildings as well as in the other industrial applications. It will be interesting to see how new Ground station compares with current Litchi and Autopilot.

DJI Ground Station pro

This application will be supporting almost all the drones from DJI such as:

  • Phantom 3 Standard / Advanced / Professional / 4K,
  • Phantom 4,
  • Phantom 4 Pro,
  • Inspire 1,
  • Inspire 2,
  • Matrice 100,
  • Matrice 600,
  • Matrice 600 Pro,
  • Mavic Pro.

That is it, folks! Stay tuned! We will be covering drone tech from CES 2017, so make sure you subscribe!


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