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All 39 DJI drones ever made!




dji drones

Mavic Series

The DJI Mavic Pro is the company’s first foldable quadcopter, and the travel-friendly drone even featured a 4K camera. The Mavic Pro Platinum is the updated version, while the newer 2018 Mavic Air is a redesigned quadcopter made to be even more compact.

DJI drones

Inspire Series

The pro-level Inspire 1 was announced in November 2014, and the Inspire 2 was announced exactly two years later.

DJI Drones


The DJI Spark is the company’s smallest quadcopter, and the 2017 released drone was built for selfies and travelers.

DJI Drones

Agras Series

The MG-1 and the MG-1S are DJI octocopters build primarily for agriculture use, so they can spray liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.

DJI Drones

Matrice Series

This heavy-load capable UAV called Matrice is available in different models: 100, 200, 210, 210 RTK and 600. The Matrice 600 was created for film making, while the other models are suited for industrial applications.

 DJI Drones

Spreading Wing Series

The first Spreading Wing model was released in 2014. This DSLR capable series is available in four different models: the S800, S800 EVO, S900 and the S1000.

DJI Drones

Other DJI drones

Other dronfe variants like the DJI Phantom 4 Chinese New Year Edition and the Obsidian were not added because they’re just aesthetically different.

DJI Drones

We Talk UAV counted a total of 39 drones, but DJI will inevitably release newer models and add to their growing product line.

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