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All 39 DJI drones ever made!




dji drones

Ever since DJI started their drone business in 2006, they have set the standard for UAVs. Based out of Shenzen, China, DJI has redefined how aerial photos and videos are captured. Their platforms are used in various industries, but their consumer drones have stood out as the most featured packed UAVs for their price. Nowadays, DJI is known for their popular Inspire, Phantom and Mavic drones, but the UAV leading company created a lot more than just those three series, so We Talk UAV made a video showing all 39 DJI drones ever made:

Wind Series

The DJI Wind 4 and DJI Wind 8 are two custom made-to-order octocopters that are foldable, dustproof and waterproof. These industry-grade drones can be customized for specific use, so their prices depend on what they’re built with. These DJI drones are variants of the DJI Agras, which was built for agricultural purposes.

Pictures are from Quadcopter and Eletronica RC. The drone on the left is the Wind 8. The two on the right are the Wind 4.

Flame Wheel Series

This multirotor flying platform kit was made in three different models: F330, F450 and F550. The Flame Wheel F550 was released in 2012, but this series is still more than capable of capturing action-packed footage like this big wave surf rescue.

DJI Drones

Phantom Series

DJI Phantom quadcopters paved the way for consumer-grade UAVs, ever since the first model was released in January 2013. A few generations and model variants later, the Phantom 4 Pro was created with a revolutionary 1” 20 MP sensor.


DJI drones

Source: DJI

DJI Drones

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