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Micro Drone

AirSelfie 2 fits in your pocket!




Made for social media

The 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection is also used to send footage back to the smartphone in a few milliseconds, so its built-in 16gb micro SD card is large enough to store and transfer everyday footage.

The selfie drone can be purchased with a leather case or a power bank.

Availability and price

AirSelfie 2 can be purchased with a leather bag for $199.95 in four different colors: black, silver, gold or rose.

Power Bank

An optional power bank designed specifically for the AirSelfie 2 can charge the drone up to 15 times. The power bank can be bundled with the drone, but it’ll cost $249.99.

The optional power bank is also designed to be low-profile.


AirSelfie 2

This photo was taken at CES 2018, and it shows another company featuring a drone with a similar design as the AirSelfie 2.

When this drone was seen at CES 2018, there was another booth by Elanview nearby that featured an identical drone design as the AirSelfie 2. When asked what was with the similarity, the representative at the booth said they had no idea what the Air Selfie 2 was. Being that there are a lot of copycat drone companies replicating popular drone designs, be careful in purchasing quadcopters that are designed to only look like other drones because they often lack in the performance and features department.

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