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Airdog ADII : The GoPro Karma Killer?




Airdog ADII is an intelligent action sports drone which follows a user anywhere. Designed after the successful Airdog drone, the ADII is being released with new revamped features. There is no traditional remote controller because this drone relies on a waterproof GPS strap unit called the AirLeash. This UAV only works with a GoPro Hero 5 Black camera, and it tracks the AirLeash wherever it goes. Since it has new flight modes, the Airdog ADII might even be a GoPro Karma killer! If you need to film yourself biking, snowboarding, skating, wakeboarding, or just plain running down the street, then the Airdog II was made just for you.

What’s New With The Airdog ADII?

The ADII comes with a new 3D-Line Mode; this mode allows users to custom set waypoints and altitude settings through the Airdog app. The 3-axis gimbal has significantly improved to reduce vibrations and horizontal tilts. The GPS connection time is even faster thanks to the new GPS on the drone and Airleash. The upgraded battery software shows a battery meter to help gauge flight times. The new capture modes allow the Airdog ADII to do shots like reveal in/out, look down/away, and circle around.

How Much is an ADII?

The retail for this drone will cost $1500, but order it now for an early bird special of $1099. The Airdog ADII is currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for developing ideas, but you can expect units to ship out as early as this August.

Airdog ADII Folded Leash

Technical Specs

The ADII can go as fast as 45 mph, and its flight time ranges from 10-20 minutes. This drone is built with a durable weather-resistant frame, and it weighs 4.40 lbs. The range of this UAV can go as far as 500 feet.

airdog adii package

How Do You Fly The ADII?

The first step is to strap on the AirLeash. Then you will have to place the separately purchased GoPro Hero 5 camera on the ADII and start the drone. The drone will then fly and follow the user holding the AirLeash via long-range Bluetooth.

Airdog ADII & GoPro Karma

GoPro Killer?

This new drone operates with a GoPro Hero 5 camera, and it is being marketed to capture action sport footage. GoPro is an action camera company, but their drone’s appeal is largely based on its detachable gimbal. Besides the unique gimbal design, the Karma drone is limited compared to the ADII’s intelligent tracking ability. The Airdog ADII may be a follow me drone, but its new capture modes might just be enough to blow the GoPro Karma right out of the water!


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