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32 Hours Flight Time with Aerovel Flexrotor Drone




What kind of drones do we usually see? Well, consumer class UAVs are probably the most common and wide-spread, and as you might already know their flight time varies between 20 and 30 minutes depending on a model.  The Aerovel Flexrotor is completely different beast. It’s a mix of fixed wing and helicopter, and its take of and landing reminds me so much about Space X Falcon, just with no fire blasting from the bottom.

Space X Falcon 9 Landing

One of the reasons why the Aerovel Flexrotor can fly that long and far is that unlike other drones it is not running on batteries, but using a fuel. Last week a Flexrotor named for the sea nymph Actaea lifted off into a rainy morning with 7.5 kg of fuel onboard. It transitioned from hover to wing-borne flight, and soldiered on through a showery day, a blustery night, and then another day in the breezy and unsettled air behind a cold front. As dusk fell it transitioned back to hover, and dropped gently down onto a 12-foot square helideck underway at 9mph/14kph wind speed. Time from launch had been 32 hours and 8 minutes. More than 3 hours worth of gasoline remained in the tank.

Aerovel Flexrotor can also carry additional payload such as detachable backpack that includes an onboard power and Ethernet for supplementary payload. The onboard Ethernet links into the ground network, and transmits video over the distances exceeding 100 km.

Aerovel Flexrotor

Aerovel Flexrotor Drone

Overall Aerovel Flexrotor is strong performing drone with very impressive flight time. You can learn more about it on Aerovel’s website.


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