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Aerones’ firefighter drone can revolutionize firefighting!




firefighter drone
firefighter drone

Snapshot of Aerones’ website shows the firefighter drone battling a fire.

The firefighter drone was designed to fight fires as close as 98 feet. Instead of just spraying water, Aerones made a “special chemical mix” to maximize spray weight and pressure. A foam system that prevents fires from spreading was also mentioned on the company’s official site.

firefighter drone

The firefighter drone can reach higher heights compared to a firetruck.

Other uses for Aerones’ drones

Aerones already made a name for themselves when they used their mulitrotor for the world’s first drone jump in May 2017. They are also known for using their drone for delivery, sports, clean wind turbines and other industrial applications.

firefighter drone

Snapshot of Aerones’ video shows their drone washing a wind turbine. The multirotor can also be used to wax, paint and defrost.

The firefighter drone has potential to revolutionize how fires are fought. It’s made to aid firefighters in battling flames that are unreachable in a faster and more convenient manner. Aerones’ technology may still be in the works, but the video speaks for itself. Once Aerones’ drone becomes fully operable, firefighting may never be the same.

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