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Aerones’ firefighter drone can revolutionize firefighting!




firefighter drone

A Latvian based drone company called Aerones created a firefighter drone that can fly up 984 feet within six minutes, making it ideal for combating burning buildings. The greatest advantage of this one-man operable drone is that it was designed to precisely guide a fire hose to heights that surpass 100-foot ladder trucks by nearly 10 times! It is also made to fight fire in areas that are inaccessible to firetrucks, which makes it effective in densely populated areas. In the world of firefighting, time is crucial, so Aerones’ drone can be used to save both time and lives. Here is a recent Tech Insider video showing the firefighter drone in action:

Firefighter drone features

Aerones’ firefighter drone is still being developed, but the company is looking to make it fly for hours using a tethered power supply. Currently, the square-shaped multirotor can only fly up to 20 minutes on battery. Aerones also created two versions: the Superfast drone and the Fast drone. The Superfast drone will be equipped with 28 propellers, and it can carry nearly 441 pounds to a height of about 984 feet. The Fast drone will be equipped with 36 propellers, and it can carry nearly 661 pounds to a height of about 1,640 feet.

firefighter drone

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