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Actual footage shows drone crash at Apple Park





Finding the drone that crashed onto the Apple Park roof

After the crash, YouTuber Matthew Roberts was contacted by the pilot to help find the fallen drown. A Phantom 4 Pro was then used to scout the area, and the quadcopter was found on top of Apple Park’s solar roof.


Screenshot from Matthew Robert’s video.

Apple has yet to retrieve the drone, and the video also stated, “It’s unlikely the pilot will get his drone back.”

Was the drone that crashed flying illegally?

According to a TechSpot article that was published on July 2017, Apple hired security to spot drones and remove pilots from the area. Apple made it clear that they do not want unauthorized UAVs flying over their new headquarters, but other YouTubers have been documenting the construction of the massive building for over a year now. Technically, the drone that crashed at Apple Park was only in a enhanced warning zone, according to the DJI Fly Safe Geo Zone map.


The crash can be seen as a reminder to the imperfections of even the most proven UAVs. Standardizing safety equipment like drone parachutes may be a solution for mitigating drone damage, but crashes like what the video showed are something that need to be considered before the likes of drone taxis hit the sky.

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