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Actual footage shows drone crash at Apple Park





A drone crash landed on the solar paneled roof of the Apple Park headquarters, and a video with the actual drone footage was released on YouTube. The video was published on February 18, and the description stated that the drone crashed over the weekend. Here is YouTuber Matthew Roberts’ video showing both the crash and a fly-by with another drone:

Based on the shape of the quadcopter and the unique vents on its arm, the drone that crashed was from the Phantom 3 series. It initially flew perfectly fine, and even the video caption read, “There were no signs of premature failure,’ but the drone nearly flipped over when it started to plummet towards the Apple Park roof. The footage showed the drone struggling to stabilize itself, but it ultimately fell to its end. The actual crash footage in the video wasn’t the original drone file, but it was pulled from the DJI app, which automatically stores a low-resolution recording.


Screenshot shows what appears to be a drone from the Phantom 3 series.

It’s still unclear what caused the crash because the drone’s camera angle was pointed downwards; it could have been anything from a motor failure to a bird that struck the drone.


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