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Abstract Aerial Art: Drone Photography With a Difference




One of the things we like about aerial photography is that anyone can do it. All you need is a drone, a bit of creativity and an interesting subject. Sure, some are better than others. Some are more creative. We’ve seen plenty of epic videos made with drones that highlight landscapes well and inspire awe, but not all of them fit into the ‘art’ category. The same can’t be said about the work of Abstract Aerial Art. Take a look at this…

Those are just a few of the shots that Abstract Aerial Art exhibits on its website. These direct, bird’s eye images are all of real places. If they look weird or not even real, that’s just a result of the perspective. Apart from slight color and contrast enhancements, the photographs are not manipulated in any way.

Abstract Aerial Art: The Backstory

Which leaves you with two questions about these images: What are they and where were they taken? But, according to brothers JP and Mike, the answers to those two questions aren’t what’s important. Instead, “the point is not to work out what it is but to appreciate how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.”

The company was started last year by JP and Mike, who are both based in the UK. After packing in their 9 to 5s in October 2016, they bought a DJI Inspire and set off to Australia on a photography road trip.

Not long into the adventure, they realized that the most interesting shots were those taken of landscapes and locations from directly above. Abstract Aerial Art was born. Instead of searching for classic locations or photography hotspots, the pair head to places marked by “unusual patterns or textures created by the earth or mankind.”

abstract aerial art drone photogrpahy

Organ Donor, by Abstract Aerial Art

So what’s the response been like to this original form of aerial photography?

“We have had a really encouraging reaction to what we are doing and our audience has continued to grow on Instagram, which is our main social media channel to showcase our work. As a result, we have recently set up the website to sell prints through our online shop. It has only been live a month, so it’s too early to say how successful that will be!”

Taking a look through the images it would seem that these two have been doing aerial photography for years. But in fact, neither had flown a drone before deciding to head to Australia last year. Admittedly, Mike is a freelance photographer – presumably where the editing skills come in. But flying still comes with its unique challenges.

“Initially,” they said, “when living in the Australian outback the extreme environment was certainly a challenge, for us and the drone! But in general, the weather conditions can often prove awkward, not always due to wind and rain as you might presume. The glare from the sun is often an issue when shooting directly downwards over reflective surfaces like water.”

So what’s next for JP and Mike? The pair have just got back from a European road trip, so we expect to see plenty of images captured from there coming to light in the next few weeks. “It won’t be long before we head off on another adventure looking for unusual photographs! Our initial thoughts are to head to the Far East or to the wonderful world of Iceland.”


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