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About WeTalkUAV

WeTalkUAV is a new kind of website. Our goal is simple: To provide the most accurate and comprehensive drone reviews. Period.

How do we do that? Simple – by putting each and every drone through an identical series of tests. At each phase of testing – whether it’s flight duration, range or build quality – the drone is given a score. At the end, we tally up all of those scores and compute an average. We then perform further calculations based on the drone’s price range, to produce an overall Value for Money Score. This score is the WeTalk gold standard. The higher the score, the better the drone you are buying.

We are committed to becoming the “go-to” source for impartial and unbiased news and reviews. Over time and through referral links to major drone retailers. WeTalkUAV hopes to become a self-sustaining enterprise.

But we can do that only with your help. If you like what you see on this site, tell your friends. And if you can see ways to improve things, tell us.