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A Look Inside an Underwater Drone Called PowerRay





The PowerRay is created by an upcoming company called PowerVision, and it was first spotted by We Talk UAV at CES 2017. Now, it is officially available to buy for customers in the US and in Canada. This underwater drone is more than just a tethered robot with a 4K camera; it can be used for spotting fishes, and it can sail for up to four hours! A YouTuber named JerryRigEverything did a small review and disassembled the underwater drone to show customers what they are truly getting:

PowerRay Specs

This underwater drone has a built-in storage capacity of up to 64 GB, and it’s not removable because the unit is fully waterproof up to depths of about 98 feet. It has three motors which can propel the PowerRay as fast as 3Kn. Its 3000 mAh battery is also non-removable, and it takes around two and a half hours to charge. It comes with a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, and its F2.8 lens has a 95° FOV. Besides shooting 25 fps videos in resolutions up to 4K, the PowerRay can take 4000×3000 stills with its 12MP camera. Its tethered cord is available in lengths of 164 feet or 230 feet, and pilots can see a 1080p live view of their underwater drone shot on their controller via mobile app. It also comes with lights rated at 450 lumens to help pilots see through murky water.

The underwater drone comes in three different packages, which are available on PowerVision’s official site. The PowerRay Explorer costs $1,488.00, and it includes a 32 GB PowerRay, a base station and a transmitter. The $1,799.00 PowerRay Angler comes with everything the Explorer has plus a bait drop line and a PowerSeeker Fishfinder. The PowerRay Wizard costs $1888.00, and it comes with everything the Angler package has, but the memory storage is bumped up to 64 GB and VR goggles are included.

PowerRayPowerRay PowerRay

The PowerRay can be used to capture videos of killer whales and tropical fishes. Content creators can even use this underwater drone with their UAV to make unique transitions like those videos where people jump into a pool of water and end up in another scene. A drone can fly close to the water, and then the PowerRay can record what’s inside the ocean. Some basic editing skills is all that is required to create air to sea footage. This underwater drone opens opportunities for not only fishermen but also content creators.


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