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A look at drone racing in 2018: it’s getting huge




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Main drone racing organizations

As this sport is very much in its infancy, there are a multitude of racing organizations around the world. Some of the notable international organisation are the Drone Championship League, the Drone Racing League , Drone Sports Association and MultiGP.

Some of the main rules

UAVs are such a rapidly developing technology and drone racing such a young sport, that naturally there are many rule changes from year-to-year.

For 2018 the main rules (according to the Drone Pilots Federation) are as follows:

Racing classes:

3S (more suited to beginner racers), 4S (for more experienced racers) and open class (open to all types of multi-rotor).

For both 3S and 4S class racers – the distance between the rotors diagonally can be no more than 305 mm.

Propellers: for both 3S and 4S class can be no more than 6 inches (15 cm). The engines on 3S and 4S racers must be electric but there is no restriction on open class.

Battery: 3S – 3 cell lipo battery, 4S – 4 cell lipo battery. Open class – no weight.

Weight: for all classes crafts cannot weigh more than 1.7 pounds (800 grams)

The rest of the rules get much more technical but if you are interested, you can check them out here.

Finally – if you wanna see some amazing footage captured from an FPV racing drone, see the clip below from Johnny FPV’s YouTube channel.

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