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Another failed attempt was a weekly, recap show called The Drone Talk. With an average of about 1,000 views per video, The Drone Talk ended after about 10 weeks.

When We Talk UAV tested the OcuSync technology on the DJI Goggles RE, an RC plane was used, but it crashed a few seconds after it launched. The owner of the RC plane missed a day of work, yet We Talk UAV was unable to truly test the wireless connection.

Videos that gained more views than expected

Videos like 15 Mavic Air facts or 10 facts about DJI Goggles only took somewhere around an hour to create, but they generated more views than some of the other review videos.

Funniest videos

The JDI Fantom 5 and Nasey Ciestat videos were created as parodies, and these videos were a lot of fun to make. The parody videos are some of the most successful videos on the channel to date, and when We Talk UAV filmed them, some days were just all smiles and laughs.

Gimbal review videos

We Talk UAV started getting more mobile phone gimbals and compared them to each other, and viewers seemed to respond well to these types of reviews.

Osmo Mobile

Drone channel

Even though most review videos are only about 20 minutes long, it takes hours or even multiple days to create them. We Talk UAV appreciates and thrives off feedback from viewers, so make sure to leave a comment or request for specific drone test questions.

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