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We Talk UAV started making videos on YouTube back in November 2016, and now with over 21,000 subscribers and about 4,000,000 total views later, here is an inside look at our experience in creating videos for our drone channel:

The DJI Mavic Air crash test video is We Talk UAV’s most viral upload, and it has been viewed over 660,000 times. When the Mavic Air was released, there weren’t too many crash videos, so experiments were conducted to test the drone’s durability. Viewers left comments and a lot of subscribers were gained from this one video.

We Talk UAV’s longest video is the selfie drone comparison, which ran about 37 minutes. It took several days to shoot and editing was hell. The final comparison video ended up being a mini movie, but now, that video barely generates any views.

The most difficult video to shoot was the Inspire 2 Fruit Ninja video. Since there weren’t any local camera stores that had any 500 or 1000 fps cameras available for rent, We Talk UAV had to go a few cities over to get a slow-motion camera. Setting up the shoot was also a hassle since it was filmed on a terrace, and chopping fruits and vegetables using a drone can be a messy and scary experience.

Some fails

After deciding to add FPV drone reviews in early 2018, a few videos were created. Since those videos barely got any views and comments, We Talk UAV decided to take a break from making anymore FPV drone review videos.

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