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A DJI Arena is Opening in Japan!




DJI Arena

DJI has plans to open a 5,759 square foot drone arena on Saturday, October 21, in Tokyo, Japan, according to DJI News. This will mark the first time a DJI arena would be opened in Japan. The facility has a flying area for those interested in testing out DJI drones, and it will also have a retail store and technical support. The Tokyo DJI arena was made possible through a partnership between Japan Circuit and DJI Japan.

DJI Arena

Japan’s DJI Arena

Customers can test out and fly DJI’s full range of consumer and professional drones through an adjustable circuit. The arena has safety nets installed to ensure safety. DJI’s new Mavic Pro Platinum and Spark will also be available for purchase. Since the arena has an official DJI store, the new Zenmuse X7 camera for the Inspire 2 will be available sometime in November. Additionally, customers can use the area for drone races.

DJI Arena

The DJI Arena can be rented out for individual or group bookings, and DJI has plans to incorporate workshops to help educate customers with drones. The indoor arena was built to allow customers to fly their drones anytime regardless of weather conditions. The goal of the arena is to make drone technology accessible for locals. It will also be used to help introduce drones to those unaware of their benefits for work and play.

DJI Arena

“We are extremely excited to partner with DJI to launch the first DJI Arena in Japan,” said Tetsuhiro Sakai, CEO of Japan Circuit. “Whether you are a skilled drone pilot or someone looking for their first drone, we welcome everyone to come and learn, experience it for themselves, and have fun. The new DJI Arena will not only serve as a gathering place for drone enthusiasts but also help us reach new customers and anyone interested in learning about this incredible technology.”

DJI Arena

Another DJI Arena

The first DJI arena was opened in Yongin, South Korea last year. It attracted hobbyist, enthusiasts and new customers into the drone world. The facility was a popular gathering spot for corporate events and school gatherings. The South Korean arena is nearly three times larger at 15,016 square feet, but the Tokyo DJI arena will still have similar features but at a smaller size.

DJI Arena

South Korea’s Arena

The Tokyo DJI Arena is located at 3 Chome-30 Hosoda Katsushika-ku, Tōkyō-to 124-0021.

Opening hours:

Weekdays (Except Wed.) 18:00 – 21:00

Wed. Sat. Sun. Holidays 10:00 – 21:00


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