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8 Types Of Drone Users – Which One Are You? (Updated)




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There are a lot of folks in our community. Everyone has their own style of communications and sharing. So according to our experience, we’ve distinguished six types of drone users. Here they are:

Legal Nerd

The guy who keeps talking about FAA, Part 107 and Section 333. He is a law abiding citizen but will never fly over 400 ft or out of a line of sight. He will be spending a lot of efforts to study the rules and finally get a drone license. The important part of this person’s life is not only being a good boy but also spending a bunch of time teaching others about what they can and can’t do. Bashing videos on Youtube or photos on social media that were taken in “illegal” places (in the middle of a megapolis) or under illegal conditions (at night) is another part of his interesting life. And of course, this person is extremely proud of himself.FAA Legal Nerd Drone Users

Tech Nerd

The person who knows all the details about firmware updates, calibrations, drone settings and bugs. This person doesn’t mind to be an early adopter for the new firmware and software updates. Tech Nerds usually spend more time on forums like RCG, Phantom Pilots and DJI Forum rather than social media groups. This kind of person is usually very helpful in the community. He might be the one who can help you to resolve drone’s technical issues.

Gear Nerd

The guy who needs every single accessory for his drone. This person can’t live without a lens cap, gimbal protector, body stickers, antenna booster, screen shade, GPS tracker, carbon props and more. Oh yes, and of course these people don’t mind to pay few hundred bucks for a heavy bulky case that might even survive in an apocalypse. This person isn’t necessarily a rich but does spend a lot of money on a hobby.

Gear Nerd Drone Users


This person is making some of the best videos and photos throughout the community. Sometimes it makes you wonder how is it possible for both of you to get such a different results from absolutely identical drones. Photographers spend more time preparing of the shot and in post production than the actual flying.

Best aerial photo Photographer Drone Users

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov

FPV Racer

This type of drone users thinks that they are on the top of the food chain in the drone world. He knows how to build a drone, make proper settings of the flight controller and the RC and other stuff like that. It is not fun for him to fly in GPS mode, in fact, there is no even GPS on his drone. GPS is for losers, all manual is the way to go!

FPV Racer


This is the person who likes to hang a bunch of different things on a drone: infrared cameras, night vision cameras, sensors, whale saliva grabbing machines, personal computers and other stuff that is not to be there. They also love mapping, data collection, and 3d image building. We have to be thankful to this kind of drone users because they are the ones who’s pushing the drone industry up and forward.

Scientist drone


Usually, the first post in the community is the sad story about a crash. What a surprise!! Although after some time, the evolution happens and the newbie transforms into the other type of drone hobbyist.

Newbie Drone Users Crash


Don’t be surprised if 60% of this folk’s posts start with “I’ve been in the flying for 15 years..”.  Other than that, nothing distinguishes him from the other drone flyers.

Which type of drone flyer are you?


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