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8 Reasons NOT to buy selfie drones!




Selfie drones have been causing so much buzz in the tech media in 2016. But as we know making a lot of noise doesn’t necessary mean that the product is great. Of course we have to admit that selfie is a big modern trend that started with the front cameras in a mobile devices. Now it seems that the tech industry and social media are trying to make a new culture out of it.  Pro-selfie cameras on our mobile devices, Selfie cameras, Selfie Sticks and now selfie drones.  Here are 8 reasons why not to buy a selfie drone:

So Easy to Fly!? -Any drone is easy to fly!

In our days easy to fly is not an advantage. It is the very basic property of almost every drone. Phantom 4, Mavic, Breeze, Hover, S1000, Typhoon H, Inspire 1 and 2 are all easy to fly. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of! The so called “easy to fly” is just marketing ploy.

Yuneec Breeze

Photo by David Tolsky

Flight time

Flight time can be a painful topic for the selfie drones manufacturers. What they advertise is 9-12 minutes. But those who have been playing with drones for a while probably know that the flight time is often appears to be less than they advertise, which means you will be getting only 8-10 minutes in the air. While most of the real consumer drones are going from 20 to 30 minutes. 

Maximum flight range

Hover camera Selfie drone can go as far as 20m (60ft) and only under perfect, electromagnetic conditions. What is the point of getting a drone if it can’t fly any further than 20m?  The Dobby drone claims 100 m, which is great comparing it to the Hover Camera. Compare that to both the Mavic and Phantom series both of which are capable of flying a distance of 7KM.dobby drone

Image stabilization

No selfie drone has a mechanical gimbal to stabilize the footage it shoots. Most of the videos coming from the selfie drones are simply unusable due to the poor stabilization. By just holding a phone in your hands. you can get far better stabilized videos. Which leads us to our next point:

4K Means Nothing

Selfie drones manufactures love to advertise it’s 4K capabilities. However they don’t like to scream about the fact that the electronic image stabilization doesn’t work in 4K. So if the 1080P video from selfie drone is just not quite smooth, 4K video can be considered a real earthquake.

Hover selfie drones

Still Images Quality

The quality of a still photograph is much better than one of a video. It’s somewhere between a cheap and middle class phone. Do not expect sharpness or dynamic range. Instead, expect loads of sharpening and noise reduction artifacts. There is no point of speaking about low light capabilities too.

Stay Social

Well, there is probably not many things to share in these types of products. Manufacturers over emphasize the advantages of social sharing. On the other hand, most of these drones can share footage and photos right away. Even with that sharing on social media requires no more then the most basic of functions, which is nothing more then a mobile device with wings.


Selfie Drones Price

Selfie drones are overpriced. Are you willing to pay $400 – $600 USD for a drone that flies a mere 10 minutes and goes the farthest of 20 meters. Let’s not even touch upon the terrible image quality and stabilization. Will you be willing to spend that much money on an  “easy to fly” and “Social”  camera-drone?overpriced selfie drones

For the same price you can get Phantom 3 Standard, a good starter drone and a camera or even an entry level DSLR.  That’s a lot of money for a selfie machine… and personally not for me. But eventually it’s just a matter of choice.

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