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7 Facts About The DJI Spark




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DJI’s newest consumer drone has many new modes, but there are some hidden features that often go unnoticed. We Talk UAV created a fact video for the DJI Spark to uncover the drone’s full potential. From true charging times to factory resets here are 7 facts about the DJI Spark:

7 Facts About the DJI Spark

DJI Spark 7 facts


  1. The actual speed of DJI Spark without a controller is 9 mph. With the controller in sports mode, the Spark can actually go 31 mph; that is as fast as a much larger DJI Phantom 4 Pro in GPS mode.

Speed of DJI Spark


  1. The charging times that DJI stated is slightly different than what We Talk UAV tested. Charging a Spark battery via USB is supposed to take 80 minutes. In reality, the battery actually takes about 90 minutes to charge. The DJI charging hub was designed to charge a battery in 50 minutes. We Talk UAV found that it actually takes 53 minutes. These numbers may not be that far off from their promoted times, but the charging times are consistently inconstant with the advertised times.

7 Facts About the DJI Spark


  1. Resetting the DJI Spark back to its factory settings is as easy as holding down the power button for 9 seconds. This is useful for resetting the Wi-Fi SSID and password. Once the Spark reset has been successful, the Wi-Fi settings can be edited by pressing on the three dots on the far right corner of the DJI Go app and going to the Wi-Fi menu.

DJI Spark sensor size


  1. The size of the image sensor on the DJI Spark is exactly the same as the DJI Mavic Pro. Considering that the DJI Mavic Pro is a 4K travel drone that costs double the amount of a DJI Spark, the technology between the two aren’t too far apart.

 DJI Mavic Pro - 4K travel drone


  1. Some drone operators have speculated that using an OTG cable will reduce the latency between the drone and the controller. Even though We Talk UAV tested this hack out, drone pilots are still claiming benefits including further range.

drone flight safety


  1. The OA system can be turned off and activated only when the Spark is returning home. This can be done by turning on the RTH obstacle check. Disabling obstacle avoidance will unleash the Spark’s full potential and allow the drone to travel up to 13 mph instead of the stock 9 mph.

DJI Spark

  1. The stock discharge settings for the Spark battery is automatically set for 10 days, but the amount of days can be reduced through the settings in the DJI app.


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