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6 Facts DJI Didn’t Tell You About Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2




Phantom 4 Pro motor


Both Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 now can shoot a timelapse with minimum interval between the photos of 2 seconds. On previous models minimum interval was 10 seconds.  So now due to the more powerful image processor we don’t have to wait forever to create couple of seconds of timelapse.

Infrared side-sensors

New TOF sensors placed on both sides of Phantom 4 Pro are only working in the beginner mode and Tripod mode. So don’t expect them to save your drone flying sideways into the wall. However front, back and down facing camera sensors still working in P mode. So, there is no reason to be worried because flying forward or backward OA will save you from the collision.

Phantom 4 Pro TOF

Photo by Alex Assenmacher/ We Talk UAV

Hover precision

There is quite a bit of improvement in terms of hover precision with VPS on

Phantom 4: Vertical 0.1m,        Horizontal 0.5m

Inspire 1: Vertical 0.5m, Horizontal: 2.5m

Phantom 4 PRO: Vertical 0.1m, Horizontal 0.3m

Inspire 2: Vertical 0.1m, Horizontal: 0.3m

VPS velocity range

Quite visible improvement of the VPS work at the high speed.

Phantom 4: 36 kph

Phantom 4 PRO: 50 kph

P4P and X4S cameras 

Inspire 2 X4S camera and Phantom 4 camera are essentially identical. They share absolutely the same specs. Looking at the Price of the X4S ($599) you can get the idea of how much the Phantom 4 PRO without the camera and gimbal would cost. You are paying about $900 for the drone and RC and $600 for camera. Well it absolutely worth the money. Take a look at the recent 1 inch sensor point and shoot cameras, they are not cheap. Sony RX100 V is a little over 900$ and Canon Powershot G3 costs over $800. So basically the price tag on X4S is reasonable.

Inspire 2 X4S

3rd Party Apps 

The version with built-in screen currently is not able to run 3rd party apps like autopilot or Litchi. So for the additional apps lovers, we would recommend to purchase the version without built-in screen. Although it wouldn’t be a surprise if after few firmware updates DJI will include the 3rd party apps support.


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