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5 Reasons NOT To Buy DJI Inspire 2




Don't Buy DJI Inspire 2

The Inspire 2, which made its debut in November 2016, is the second generation of the Inspire 1. The Inspire 1, for the record, is a mighty machine but hasn’t had any significant updates since 2014. The new Inspire 2 looks very impressive with a bunch of new cool features and awesome camera. Even so, today is different. We are going to bring up 5 reasons why not to buy an Inspire 2! Yes, Inspire fanboys might find themselves experiencing butthurt. While I want to assure you that I’m aware of all the advantages of Inspire 2 aircraft. Today’s topic is all about the disadvantages. So let’s get started

5 Reasons Not To Buy An Inspire 2:

  1. Pricing Strategy

$2999 is the price for the drone itself. You still have to buy a camera for it. An X4S will cost you $600 while an X5S is $1900. The price for X5S is understandable. Its 5.2K RAW video, and is arguably the best-flying camera on a market now, if you exclude those Matrice 600s with RED and Arri Cameras. But X4S is a different story. And if you remember when Inspire 1 came out 2 years ago, a camera was included in the price.

Inspire 2 price

  1. Same Camera for 1/3 of The Price

In fact, the X4S camera is not much better than Phantom 4 Pro. Actually, it is absolutely identical camera in another body. Same sensor, same ISO range same FOV which means it’s probably the same glass. Both P4P and X4S have the same max bitrate of 100 Mbps. That means you can get the absolutely same quality shots with $1500 and $3600 drones. DJI say what?!

DJI Inspire 2

  1. Batteries 

Inspire 2 can fly with one or two batteries, however, to reach the advertised 27 minutes of the flight time you have to be using 2 batteries. Phantom 4 Pro offers 30 minutes of flying with one battery, so couple of those will keep you in the air for the whole hour. Yes, a double battery system of Inspire 2 gives you a redundancy. If first battery stop functioning, the second one will bring the aircraft back home instead of falling out of the sky. And that is where P4P can’t compete with I2.

Inspire 2 dual battery

  1. Size

If you can take the same quality images with Phantom 4 Pro, why would you carry such a huge aircraft somewhere? I mean it’s not ridiculously huge like a Yuneec Tornado but Inspire 2 is still heavier and bulkier than the Phantom.

  1. Things to keep in mind

We are not talking about Inspire 2 with an X5S. That’s another story but instead an X4S. So, what makes this different from a Phantom 4 Pro? If you are looking for a dual controller, you will need to purchase that separately. Also included in the additional price tag is a 360° gimbal, you will need to consider battery redundancy, an FPV camera and no backwards Obstacle Avoidance. If you are good with paying the additional $2000 for all those features then go ahead.

Phantom 4 Pro camera

The Phantom 4 Pro, on the other hand, is however, an absolute killer in terms of value to price ratio. This is important too with the X5S because it’s the best drone in its class and there is nothing that can be compared with it.

Case in point:

Yuneec, GoPro, and Autel. You won’t see any of those companies making 5.2K cameras that shoot RAW video in Apple Pro Res or anything fancy like that. In fact, there are no other drones on the market that can compete with Inspire 2 X5S, so even though it’s expensive it definitely worth the money.

Inspire 2 flight

Even though we recommend buying the Phantom 4 Pro instead of the Inspire 2 with X4S there are few cases when you probably should go for Inspire 2 X4S:

  1. If your client doesn’t know much about drones and cameras, you can impress him with the “transformer” in the air. You can then charge a higher price for your services because your gear looks very professional. Yeah, that actually might work.
  2. If you fly indoors. Inspire 2 has obstacle avoidance sensors that facing upwards, so you won’t hit it against the ceiling.
  3. If dual operator feature is very important and you want to split flying and framing that shot to get original angles for your videos.

Our final thoughts:

Buy Phantom 4 Pro or Inspire 2 with X5S! Avoid X4S!

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