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5 Reasons why DJI Phantom 5 is not coming soon!





Besides the Phantom 4 Advanced that was released in April 2017, DJI has yet to release a minor upgrade version. The Phantom 4 Advanced wasn’t even an upgrade; it sold at a lower price to attract customers who were just looking for the 1” sensor without the rear obstacle avoidance and switchable 5.8 Ghz band. There is also rumors of a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 going around, which is supposed to fly quieter like the Mavic Platinum. Before the Phantom 5 releases, DJI may unveil a 2.0 version of the Phantom 4 Pro.DJI

DJI is its own competition

A Phantom 5 might kill the demand for other DJI drones that were recently released, especially if it is sold at a similar price as the Phantom 4 Pro.



DJI has a reputation of wiping out the competition, so they may wait until other companies release their drones.


DJI could still pull an unprecedented move and surprise everyone with a Phantom 5, but We Talk UAV still believes DJI will stay consistent. If DJI were to release the Phantom 5, December, or around Christmas time, would be the ideal season since that is when sales peak.

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