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4K GoPro Award video shows seagull’s POV




GoPro Award

Unique drone-like video

Just like the seagull video, unique aerial footage can be captured without a drone. Even though most drones offer gimbal stabilization, first-person aerial scenes can still be shot with some DIY effort. One example of this is YouTuber Nico Vuigneir’s poor man’s selfie drone video. He approached aerial filming in a one-of-a-kind way. Vuigneir threw a nerf football like device with a strapped action camera into the air. By tossing the action camera right when he skied off a jump, Vuigneir was able to shoot drone-like scenes. When he explained how the poor man’s drone was created in another video, he showed numerous fails before he managed to get quality footage.

UAVs make aerial filming easier, so creators don’t have to go to extreme lengths to get a bird’s-eye-view. The angles that were shot in these action camera videos offer a creative way to tell a story, but it takes a lot more work and post stabilization editing to make that footage usable.

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