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4K GoPro Award video shows seagull’s POV




GoPro Award

Flying drones is all about getting a bird’s-eye-view, but a video that just won a GoPro Award took it to another level by showing a seagull’s point of view after it mistakenly took the action camera on an adventure. Norweigen GoPro user, Kjell Robertsen, used some bread to bait a seagull for close-up shots, and he ended up getting more than he expected. The seagull ate the bread and took the camera with it. It took over five months before Robertson was able to retrieve his GoPro, but the whole flight was captured on his camera. By using GoPro’s new telemetry data system, Robertson was able to create a GoPro Award winning video. Shooting aerial footage without a drone is nothing new, but the way they are shot can be seen as a unique process.

GoPro Award seagull video

Flight data is important for drone operators, and now GoPro’s new telemetry data system allows users to pull GPS, speed, altitude g-force and other data from a GoPro video. The telemetry data showed the Seagull took the GoPro at a peak altitude of 21 feet, and it went as far as 1056 feet away from the home point. It managed to hit 0.8 Gs (g-force), and the seagull flew at a maximum speed of 27 mph. This wasn’t the first time GoPro showed a video through a bird’s point of view, but it was GoPro’s first time featuring a bird video with a layout of their telemetry data system. The fact that the bird’s flight was unintentionally shot also made the data more valuable.

GoPro Award

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