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3DR Site Scan Drone – It’ll Come With A 20.1MP Sony Camera




3DR Site Scan Drone is the company’s prized product aimed for professionals. You may have heard of the GoPro capable 3DR Solo quadcopter, but this upgraded drone data platform is mainly for the construction and engineering industries.

In a Series D funding round, A $53 million capital gain was recently announced by the company. They are now going to focus on building their Site Scan product, and their drone will come with an impressive 20.1MP Sony Camera that offers DSRL quality images!

3DR Site Scan Drone

What Kind Of Camera Is That?

The 3DR Site Scan will come with a Sony UMC-R10C camera. It will come with an APS-C size Exmor CMOS image sensor and it’ll be processed with a BIONZ X processor. What does that mean? The camera is capable of producing high precision 20.1MP images. Also, it will have E-Mount interchangeable lens system. The camera system will be supported by a custom gimbal system. According to 3DR, Site Scan can achieve a resolution of 0.5in/pixel resolution at 200 feet.

Sony UMC-R10C camera lens

What’s So Good About The Sensor?

The APS-C size Exmor CMOS image sensor will be capable of capturing 13 times more light than drones with the 1/2.3”sensors. This new sensor will provide less noise and a higher dynamic range. This means that it will also work great in low-light conditions. Sony has already mentioned how to change nat type on ps4 and it might get work on the same on camera as well.

zenmuse r10c sensor


The flight time is rated at 16 minutes with a 5200 mAh 14.8v battery. The range of 3DR Site Scan will be limited to 1 km or .6 miles. Its maximum speed is 40 km/h or 25 mph. It will operate on 2.4 GHz. The standard 24 cm or 10-inch self-tightening propellers will also be included. The controller battery is a rechargeable 2600 mAh 7.2V DC battery. The motors are 88-kV motors.

The 3DR Site Scan drone will stand 25 cm or 10 inches tall, and it’ll be 46 cm or 18 inches wide. Including the Sony R10c camera, the drone will weight 1.99 KG or 4.4 LBS.

3DR Site Scan drone specs

3DR Site Scan App:

Included with the Site Scan App is a full Autodesk integration system, and it’ll be cloud connected. It can process images into orthomosaics and other file types with one click. 3D models, point clouds, and contours can be created along with the high-resolution photos.

3DR Site Scan App

It Comes With Warranty!

Directly from the site, 3DR has stated, “Should your drone ever have an issue due to accident or malfunction, 3DR will overnight you a replacement even before you send your broken one back. Receive free non-warranty repairs of your drone, up to the retail price.”


Click here to inquire a direct price quote from 3DR. 

3DR logo

The 3DR Site Scan drone system has some impressive camera features, and it’s aimed directly at Autodesk users for measuring and monitoring construction sites. The DSLR like images is a great addition. If you are in the construction business, or in a similar professional industry, then this drone might be someone to consider.


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