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Skypixel drone photo contest has prizes worth $90k





Skypixel is the most popular drone photography community, and they are throwing an end-of-year photography contest on their site with prizes worth a total value of $90,000. With three different categories to choose from, professionals and enthusiasts can enter their best photographs for a chance to win prizes such as a DJI Inspire 2, Iphone X and even a Nikon D850. There will be three first, three second and three third place winners for each group. Skypixel will also give out a grand prize and a popular prize award for the top ten most liked entries. An additional nine nominated entries will also receive an award, so the chances to win a prize is greater than past drone photo contests. Submissions will end on December 29, 2017, and the winners will be announced on January 31, 2018.



Contestants must pick either the professional or enthusiast group. Choose professional if photography is what you do for a living and pick enthusiast if drone photography is more of a recreational hobby.

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