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$20,000 Russian drone crashes during its first delivery!




Russian drone

Why use delivery drones?

Instead of using drivers, the Russian drone was designed to conventional fly packages to remote areas. 

YouTuber Mr. Graff uploaded a video showing the Russian drone crash from another perspective:

Despite the failed drone launch, plans to use UAVs for delivering packages will still continue

“We won’t stop with this, we will keep trying,” said Russian politician Alexey Tsydenov in a Reuter’s article. “Those who don’t risk don’t get a result.”

Even though companies like Google have successfully field-tested delivery UAVs, drone crashes are still bound to happen. The Russian drone that failed to launch should have had a backup safety device like a drone parachute. Even Amazon prepared for the inevitable and patented a drone design that could self-destruct midflight to mitigate damage. Thankfully, no one was injured in today’s crash, but delivery drones in general should be equipped with mandatory safety equipment in case of a hardware failure

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