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Drone saves deer from drowning in frozen lake!




A drone came to the rescue of a mother and baby deer stranded on a frozen lake in upstate New York on Sunday.

The mother deer fell through thin ice on the lake located in South Sandy Pond, Sandy Creek. Thankfully, some quick-thinking locals took the initiative to help save her.

South Sandy Pond, New York

Casey Hargrave, a 19-year-old local, shared the story on Facebook and posted an accompanying video.

Once in the lake, the mother deer was unable to clamber up onto the surrounding ice and onlookers feared she would drown. According to Hargrave, several local canoers jumped into their boats and rapidly worked to chip away the ice and create a channel through to shore for the deer to swim along. The problem then was encouraging the deer to travel in the right direction.

Hargrave made a decision to launch her drone, hit record and flew above the deer in an effort to scare it to swim in the right direction. The drone video shows the deer slowly swimming along the track cut by the canoers and eventually making it to shore. The entire ordeal lasted nearly three hours and we are grateful the deer didn’t die. We assume the mother and baby were reunited afterwards.

You can watch the full video below:

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