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Drones and Drugs: UK Group Charged with Delivering Narcotics into Prisons




The Guardian reports that ten people in the United Kingdom have been arrested for using drones to deliver drugs into jails.

The group from the West-Midlands (the district containing Wolverhampton and Birmingham) were charged by police with conspiracy to drop class A and B drugs over prison walls.

According to reports, the group made more than 90 drops of narcotics, cellphones and simcards into prisons around the region between April 2016 and June 2017.

How exactly did they get the drugs inside?

There is nothing particularly special behind the method. Most prisons have large outdoor yards and high walls: perfect territory for drones.

In many cases, audacious drone handlers paint their drones black and make their deliveries at night. They simply fly high over prison walls and drop packages at designated delivery points. They generally have a contact within the jail who will collect the package. The drugs or goods are then disbursed throughout the prison and those who delivered the packages take home a tidy profit.

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