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10 Types of People Who Can Piss Off a Droner





Flying a drone in public places can attract crowds of people. Drone pilots, or droners, knows what a hassle it can be to get bombarded with questions while filming videos or shooting photographs. Operating a drone takes a great deal of concentration, so when someone distracts you, then it can be a real problem. If you are a droner, then you might be able to identify some of these types of people on the following list:

The Pro Droner

These types of people are those who have the same drone as you, but they downplay the profession by saying that anyone can be a professional droner. This is equivalent to claiming that everyone can become a professional photographer by just clicking a mere button.

The Priced Obsessed

People who run up to droners to ask how much they paid for their UAV and comment how overpriced their drones are can be annoying. Claiming how they can do the same thing with a GoPro on a kite can makes these people toxic.

The Privacy Crazy

These types of people are less common nowadays, but there’s usually someone who says that droners are using their UAVs to take a peek at them from a mile away. Sometimes they have a legit claim, but most of the time, these people are looking too much into.

The “I Own One Too”

People who have a drone from somewhere like Toys “R” Us and claim that they too have one of the best drones fall under this category.

The Asking Machine

Back-to-back questions can annoy anyone, especially if you a droner. Paying attention to the UAV while answering questions like you’re in an interrogation is not fun for anyone. These people are the type who asks too many questions.

The Father

Sometimes there are dads who think UAVs are just toys – so much so that they believe their 3-year-old can even fly one. Sure, flying drones can be easy once a certain level of confidence is developed, but these so-called “toys” can be dangerous. Dads who believe UAVs are simple enough to be flown by their kids are these types of people.

The Frustrated Policeman

Police are here to protect and serve by upholding the law. Respect must be given to police officers, but sometimes there are law enforcers who don’t know any better when it comes to the legality of flying a drone. Police cross the line when they make things up to stop droners from flying. This has happened before, so it’s generally a good idea to stay away from frustrated policemen.

The American

Americans are known all over the world for being a dominant force to be reckoned with, and that is thanks to the right to bear arms. Gun slinging Americans who will shoot trespassers on site must be avoided by droners. The American is someone who will gun down a UAV for simply flying over their property.

The Curious Creep

These silent ninjas are people who creep up on droners. While it looks like they are keeping their distance, a curious creep gets closer and closer until they are literally right next to a droner.

The Flirting Type

The flirting type unfortunately doesn’t exist because pricey drones doesn’t always equate to owning a Ferrari.


These 10 types of people must be avoided while flying a drone. They might be inevitable to get away from, so respectively asking them to give you space is the best idea. A droner must concentrate on flying a UAV, so don’t be distracted by these 10 types of people!


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