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10 Facts about DJI!





In 2016, DJI filed a lawsuit against another drone company called Yuneec. DJI claimed that Yuneec’s Typhoon H drone violated two of their patents, which were “systems and methods for target tracking” and “interchangeable mounting platform.” DJI ultimately lost the case in California.

Drone selfies

The drone company may be based in Shenzen, China, but DJI claimed that 80% of their products are sold overseas.

Award winning company

On August 30,2017, DJI won an Emmy Award® for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. DJI’s products have changed how TV shows are filmed. Directors and cinematographers have used DJI’s drones to take aerial imaging to a whole new level, and that is evident in shows such as The Amazing Race, American Ninja Warrior, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones and more.

The FAA conducted a survey and estimated there would be 4 million pilots flying DJI drones by 2021.

Branching out

When DJI announced the Mavic Air, they also mentioned that they would be focusing more into enterprise and industrial applications. This means DJI’s technology will be seen in areas other than the consumer market.

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