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10 Facts about DJI!




DJI is known today as the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, but the company’s origin is often overlooked. To get an insight on how DJI started and other uncommon facts about the drone company, here is a We Talk UAV video explaining 10 facts about DJI:

DJI’s founder

The CEO and founder of DJI is Frank Wang, but he was originally named Wāng Tāo. In 2006, Wang started his company in a dorm room while studying at Hong Kung University of Science and Technology.


Today, Forbes has estimated Wang’s net worth at $3.2 billion, and it is still growing. Wang may only be 37 years old, but he is already listed as number 87 on Forbe’s list of richest people in China. To put that on a global scale, Forbes listed Wang as the 729th richest billionaire in the world.

What does DJI mean?

Originally, DJI meant Dà-Jiāng Sciences, but it eventually became Dà-Jiāng Innovation.


DJI’s revenue in 2017 was $2.83 billion, which was an 80% increase from 2016.

In 2017, DJI’s drones led the North American market for UAVs by a whopping 66 percent, according to Recode.

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