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10 Facts about DJI Mavic – What we know




10 facts about DJI Mavic

The excitement of a “reveal” isn’t what it used to be. With the iPhone 7 we knew everything about it months before it was officially unveiled. Now, it’s feeling a bit the same way with the impending release of the new compact DJI Mavic drone.

Since there are so many leaks all over internet, we decided to make a list of the things we know right now about DJI’s Mavic.

10 Facts about DJI Mavic

  1. First of all, the size of the folded DJI Mavic will be smaller than most of the drones of the same category, such as GoPro Karma and Yuneec Breeze.

    DJI Mavic

    DJI Mavic

  2. It will have an obstacle avoidance feature based on two cameras, same as Phantom 4

    Phantom 4 avoidance sensor

    Phantom 4 Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

  3. The DJI Mavic will come in 3 different versions: The top-level version will cost almost the same as Phantom 4. See the price here. 
  4. The remote controller of the new drone will be very compact and include the telemetry display – looking a bit like a car radio. DJI Mavic Radio
  5. The display will show speed, RPM, distance, height and battery level. It also will be use a mobile phone as a FPV screen.
  6. The new DJI Mavic will have VPS (vision positioning system) and sonar altitude hold for stable indoor flight.DJI Mavic VPS
  7. Front arms and back arms of the drone are set on a different levels. It’s not just for folding; the feature helps the drone hold a horizontal attitude at high speed.DJI Mavic Unfolded
  8. The most expensive version of DJI Mavic will be able to record 4K videos and take 12MP photos. The cheapest version will only reach 2.7K resolution.
  9. The new copter will use Active Track, the same technology as the Phantom 4. Active Track
  10. New drone will weigh 650gram (1.43 lbs)

Only five days left before the official announcement. DJI will announce its new product (and probably something else) on September 27 in New York City.

With all that in mind, I have only one question:

Who will buy the Phantom 4?



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