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10 Black Friday Drones Under $100




Whether you’re planning on taking advantage of the Black Friday sale to buy a drone or you’re just looking for a great deal, here are 10 Black Friday drones under $100 to consider:

Black Friday Drones #1

Eachine E58 Wifi FPV is a palm-size DJI Mavic lookalike, but it’s more of a toy drone rather than a real quadcopter. From the similar stripes to the foldable arms, the mini quadcopter is a beginner drone worth looking into, especially since it costs less than $50 on Banggood. You can also use coupon code “BFRC10%” to save an additional 10% off toy and hobby purchases. It can be sent as a gift to play a cruel joke on someone who badly wants a Mavic, or it can just be a great gift for anyone on a budget. For those that would like to purchase it inside the US, AMain Hobbies has it as well for $56, and they will be having an additional 10% off sale this Black Friday.


Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #2

Holy Stone F183W Wifi FPV Drone retails for $149.99, but its Black Friday discounted price is $95.99 on Amazon. It has a 720p camera, and it can even do 360 flips with a push of a button. If you’re looking for your first drone to mimic consumer-grade quadcopter flights, then getting a toy drone like what Holy Stone offers is a great choice.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #3

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone is being sold for 50% off at only $49.97 on Amazon. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get started with indoor drone racing since it even comes with a pair of FPV (first person view) goggles.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #4

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone is 51% off right now at $19.43 on Amazon, and it’s basically the same as its FPV race drone variant except it does not have FPV goggles. Considering that it costs less than $20, it’s a mini drone for anyone regardless of their experience.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #5

Best Buy is running a 50% off sale for their Parrot Airborne Night Swat Drone; it’s only $49.99 on their official website. This drone doesn’t come with a remote, but it is controllable through an app.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #6

Macy’s usually sells clothing, but this year, they are running a Black Friday special for their VR ready Protocol Dot Folding Live-Streaming drone. This mini racing drone comes with a remote and a VR headset. Macy’s discounted over $100 off and listed the final sale price at only $63.99 on their website.


Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #7

Best Buy is also selling a Protocol quadcopter with built-in propeller guards called Slipstream S Stunt Drone, and their sale drops the price from $50 to $19.99. Their sale goes live from November 23-25.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #8

If you are looking for a Star Wars like drone, then check out the Jetpack Commander RTF. It looks like an actual Stormtrooper is piloting the quadcopter, and it only costs $49.99 on Hobby Recreation.

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #9

The Mota JetJat Live is 37% off, which means it only costs $43.99 on Amazon. This kid-friendly drone has built-in propeller guards, and it’s wind resistant!

Black Friday Drones

Black Friday Drones #10

If truly unique is your aim, then get the JJRC H66 Christmas EGG WIFI FPV selfie drone. This is a flying egg-shaped quadcopter with foldable arms. It’s a copy of the PowerEgg quadcopter, but Banggood is selling it for only $29.49. Don’t forget to use coupon code “BFRC10%” to save an additional 10% off!

Black Friday Drones

All of these Black Friday drones are considered toy drones, but these are some of the best UAVs you can get for under $100. Don’t worry if you miss out on these sales because there will always be Cyber Monday!


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