When it comes to the Alec look alike, my interpretation is that Alec's dad was a serial rapist in earth Aleph too, just without powers. After facing the likes of Coil and the Slaughterhouse 9 Taylor was able to overcome Emma's emotional attacks; following Taylor's public outing as Skitter Emma broke down. -, As Taylor states, “I had considered applying to join, but the notion of escaping the stresses of high school by flinging myself into a mess of teenage drama, adult oversight and schedules seemed self-defeating.”, Kicking myself even as I did it, I turned away and walked back down the hall towards the front doors of the school. Taylor discovered that the hero Shadow Stalker was in fact Sophia Hess, one of the girls who had tormented her. [104] Her power does not affect squid. An Endbringer's sk… So basically, the lookalike is an alternate universe sibling. Despite his earlier betrayal, Defiant becomes something of a friend to Taylor, or at least a respected colleague. Age She loses her respect for him after he betrays her, and they later become brutal enemies. All they need to do is step out of the way and let them have at it. [11] She disliked taking painkiller pills because they never seemed to make a difference. H is rarely pronounced in French, especially at the beginning of a word, and a final consonant is also rarely pronounced without a final "e" after it. The consequences of the loss of the 'limiter' are fundamental. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is actually what happened to Taylor #30363c. Her eyes widened as it came back to her, and she almost fell off her bed in shock. The loss of the limiters on Taylor's Queen Administrator shard cause this quality of her power to excessively bleed into her personality. She met an alternate version of her mother there. What's happening with the Commonwealth Ombudsman? She knows that he's sociopathic and considers his membership on the Undersiders a necessary evil. [42] Lisa Wilbourn came to a similar conclusion. Taylor lets her live, but only after violently releasing her frustrations by banging Emma against a wall several times, scaring her half to death in the process. “Yeah,” Lisa raised an eyebrow, “You do know which bugs you had biting him, right? Damilola Taylor was walking home from a library in Peckham when he was stabbed to death. "It's been a bad day, in case you haven't noticed. During his WWF/WWE career, Garland held the WWF World Tag Team Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship and WWF Light Heavyweight … A year and a half before the story begins, just before they enter high school,[4] Emma unexpectedly abandoned Taylor to befriend Sophia Hess and later Madison Clements. Aleph wasn't as touched as Bet. She'd killed a man last night. Panacea's alterations reduce the range but dramatically increase the power of Taylor's control, at the cost of the 'limiter' on Queen Administrator that prevents Taylor's powers from harming her. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. She met Emma at school and was surprised to see how her view of her tormentor had changed because of recent events. A visit to the final resting place of Aneta Corsaut (Helen Crump) in Valhalla Memorial Park Los Angeles. Her training schedule consisted of running every morning and every other afternoon. Personality-wise, she is noted to be cold, distant, exceptionally driven, and even ruthless by many characters. Tattletale believed that Taylor would be better at using Tattletale's power than she was.[19]. Her long hair was a shield, a barrier around her face. Wildbow: Early Taylor responds to stress with silence and withdrawal. Taylor Anne Hebert So I think Tattletale is keeping Taylor on watch, and does not want Dinah, or anyone else for that matter, to seek her out. Man, that seems like a narrative stretch. Having been seemingly mistaken for a villain, Taylor joined the Undersiders, intending to gather information as a mole. I agree with you on the preference for ending type, but I really don't think that this instance of ambiguous ending is "jerking people around.". Genesis is more neutral but later sensing Skitter's agitation with Coil, becomes guarded. This fright permanently affected her.[11]. Was it habit, now, to have a measure on hand when dealing with any weapon? Learn more. She agreed to Coil's plan to take over the city, claiming a territory. Taylor felt increasing pressure from the authorities, who revealed her secret identity to the public. P.S.2 I have to admit though, Grues death was a punch in the face. Scion did most of his destruction on Bet, and then experimented on other worlds but there are a lot of them. Contessa and Glaistig Uaine were easily twelves or higher on the power-ratings scale, and I could look to others with powers in that neighborhood to figure out who she was referring to. You're allowed to feel bad. As Weaver, Taylor visits Ms. Yamada for therapy. I didn't want this to go this far. Emma presumed this was an unconscious effort to blend in or hide. [4] She would always stress over choosing her clothes. Initially, she wears a black-and-grey spider silk bodysuit with armor panels made out of insect shells and exoskeletons augmented with more spider silk. [130], Being completely honest, even as the author, I'm a little surprised Taylor didn't know or even voice that she'd come across the idea while on ParahumansOnline. Simple lifeforms. [63] Something that has been occurring to me about this ending, the deeper we get into Ward: Spoiler contextWard stuff. The (Anti) Hero survives and its all butterflies! She helped them rob a bank and attack a fundraiser, embarrassing the heroes. -, I draped the shawl-cape over my armored shoulders, and then covered it in bugs. She was overwhelmed by the sensory input of her power and didn't notice. But the main reason I think Tattletale already knows that Taylor is alive is because of the Alec lookalike that Taylor sees towards the ending. [66] My bugs had finished connecting the tattered pieces of fabric. The shortest is Insinuation 2.1 (1382 words). TFS Is the fact that Taylor was trapped a reason why her Master powers act the same way as Shaker powers do? This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS relating to Several hardy beetles were chewing on the phone line, and the security system was going to … Taylor's surname, "Hebert," would most likely be pronounced "Ai-bear," as it is a French name. [14], Taylor considered joining the Wards, but felt that "the notion of escaping the stresses of high school by flinging myself into a mess of teenage drama, adult oversight and schedules seemed self-defeating". [67] She carried a knife in a holster, and supplemented it with a nano-thorn knife created by Defiant.[68]. the Warrior Entity described one of the earlier cycles with a society and they had to end it early because they weren't hiding the shards and so the host species started to attack them. -, She wasn't in costume, but her glower was intense enough that she might as well have been in her full garb as Skitter, complete with shawl, skirt and the carpet of insects crawling on her. Learning to vary her appearance to blend into situations. It's possible that she could control bug-like Case 53s, depending on their brain makeup & chemistry. I’d taught myself braille, so I could read with my bugs, and take in more. Taylor was injured during the Oil-rig battle, and moved to uphold the Truce and recruit help. There's no way Tt would use one of Imp's people to do work that needs to be kept secret from Imp. That's just how I see it though. She loses the ability to understand basic human emotional cues and bodily language, ultimately interpreting nearly any and all forms of human interaction as fighting or conflict. [3], Taylor is initially a shy and awkward teenage girl with a keen interest in capes. Pretty close! -, I was wearing only my old costume and the built-in makeshift skirt to cover me where the fire had eaten away at the leggings. Taylor is wise enough to see that Axe and Chuck are equally hellbent on destroying one another. Hollywood has had its fair share of historically troubled productions. What caught me off guard was how nice the gesture felt. Here's what's happened since. All Plot Relevant Ward Info will be spoilered. None of the Trio would be there, it was usually pretty easygoing, and I could take the time to browse the web. He was the first real Cape that Taylor worked with. Thus she would be somewhat involved in Skitter's Surrender, although Skitter begrudged her decision to avoid influencing the ongoing negotiations. These make up, to the nearest percent, 30% of the story. Aliases Taylor is also close to Golem, serving as something of a mentor figure. Until my legs healed, I'd be wearing my new costume for my upper body, with the tattered cloth as a skirt to protect my burned legs. The thinker classification is key here: ex-Director Piggot noted Skitter can see through her bugs' eyes.". [48], When she was around five or six, she saw a meth addict freak out on the bus, making enough of a ruckus that the driver had to stop and force him off. Generally speaking, there were two routes I tended to go. Taylor is wary of Regent's ways. As Skitter, Taylor wore various costumes made of spider silk. I wasn’t just grabbing every creepy crawly in a two block radius, though. I was being selective, and I was gathering quite a few. Emma Barnes' parents and sister blame Taylor for their daughter's eventual death. [4], At home, Taylor discovers the juice also ruined many of the contents of her bag, including notes on her eventual superhero career. First Appearance Well, she can’t quite hear through her bugs. [103] At different times, she speculated that she could control anything with an exoskeleton or shell -- which wouldn't explain how she could control earthworms -- and that it was the subject having a non-complex nervous system. Family I’m new here. She had a thin-lipped, wide, expressive mouth she inherited from her mother, and her large eyes and gawky figure made her look a lot like her father. She finally lets her defenses drop and is automatically swarmed w… -, I was put in mind of the moment I donned my costume, of being Skitter the Warlord, with her half-cape, half-shawl. Taylor Hebert -. She developed a fractious relationship with the hero which turned dangerous a bit before Taylor began her career as Weaver. Ridtom here, trying something new. I feel like unless it's a short story or a movie where the ambiguous ending is part of the entire point, you should just give a definitive ending. ". "But I'm afraid that power you're digging for is out of your reach, Weaver.". It wasn’t so unusual, that there were flies, bumblebees and ants about: the heat of summer, the humidity, the imbalanced ecosystem… Nobody paid them any heed. I'd been going against the current for a long time, and even though I was aware of the consequences I'd face if I kept missing school like this, it was so much easier to stop pushing so hard against the current and just step in the other direction. That had been a few hours ago. The fact that so many years later people still fervently debate their interpretation of the ending, with many people on each side completely denying the other, shows how useful such an ending might be. It’s why she can’t sense skin mites. Easy peasy. It might have been brought up, but I wanted to share my take on the ending. She was able to control Atlas, a horse-sized beetle, and have her range extended with relay bugs by roughly three hundred feet around each relay. Taylor Swift is opening up about the latest struggles of her mother Andrea's health journey, revealing that "they found a brain tumor." She would ultimately reach out to various heroes hoping to gain more information but was rebuffed. Because of the Nine, she gifted Skitter with Atlas and Relay bugs to cover her weaknesses. A glance above me showed one of the flying heroes above the water’s surface, watching. She also spends a large amount of her time with Chicago wards but is considered not to be as close with them as she is with the Undersiders. She became a schoolteacher (she received an honors degree in a four-year training course). I've been asked in my own threads and a few of the discords for some tips/perspective for writing Victoria, and I've noticed that there seems to be a bit of an uptick in Victoria related questions on this sub, so I thought I'd save some time and just make a mega-post to cover the topic as best I can. The Trio drenches her clothes and bag in juice. Annie Edson Taylor was born on October 24, 1838, in Auburn, New York. Female While most people our age are picking clothes with the intention of defining an identity for themselves, fitting into a clique, you’re focused on staying out of sight and not attracting attention. -. Scott Ronald Garland (born July 2, 1973) is an American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center.He also competed under the ring names Scott Taylor (1991–1999) and Scotty 2 Hotty (1999–2007) for WWE. -. If there were none above the water’s surface, I’d use the ones below. Eventually, she became unable to communicate with others. It's kind of normal.". Meaning that she'd likely have difficulty with precisely operating her insects, instead controlling them more like a 'wave' that she 'pushes' and 'pulls', and perhaps cannot simultaneously control an insect and co-opt their senses. Taylor woke up to the sun piercing through her window. Never anything that would stand out. She felt slightly drained, what happened last night? Killed? Showing rather than telling. When Doormaker was incapacitated she led a strike team to investigate the Cauldron Compound. This immediate discovery, and my dad's in tears, and I'm in tears, my stepmom's crying. Please help out by sourcing and adding more details and citations. “I don’t-” I started. [6][7] She was starved for touch. Discreet, paranoid people, who’d built a shelter inside the facility as a hiding place, in case things went to hell. Worm follows the story of Taylor, a teenage girl who has recently lost her mother and is … Just the sight of his pinkness creeping out his sheath made me so fuckin wet. Didn't Doormaker run out at one point? (To Triumph): "Sorry. After Dragon's return visit, while angry she tried to find a way to compromise after the event by turning herself in. [125] Her near catatonic state kept them from drawing any conclusions. She didn’t react as the wind blew her hair across her face, didn’t turn to look around the street as she crossed an intersection. I'm personally a big fan of Taylor is comatosed theory. Brown, gray, black, white. As far as I'm concerned the ending being literal is the most sensible and satisfying with the information given. As his plan to dominate the city comes to fruition, their conflict puts her increasingly on edge. Tattletale knows that Taylor is alive. Her story is finished. The Trio then began aggressively bullying Taylor, including one event in early January[123] that causes Taylor to trigger. [120], Taylor Anne Hebert was born in June 1995, arguably on the 19th,[121] 12th (a week before the 19th),[122] or 11th (about a week before the 19th and the date Worm began. She looked forward to the part of her World Issues class where they discussed capes "since the start of the semester". she had broken the Truce, technically. Madison Clements, Sophia Hess, and Emma Barnes - The Trio of students responsible for bullying Taylor. Taylor's modified powers allowed her to control the capes and even non-capes[129] around her in a similar fashion to her bug swarm. Amy Claire Dallon, Panacea, and later The Red Queen, is a parahuman with the ability to reconfigure biology with a touch, who was adopted as a child by Carol Dallon and New Wave. She immediately loses the ability to speak, read, or write and continues to degrade over the course of Gold Morning, eventually losing the ability to understand spoken dialogue. Taylor started to take the lead more in engagements the undersiders participated in. [65] She later described herself as a hundred and thirty pounds and 5'10". [52][53], She kept her costume clean by having bugs eat and clean any waste and wiping it down with a cloth. “Your birthday was a week ago.”. The longest chapter is Scarab 25.3 (11193 words). [28], Taylor's sanity begins to rapidly fracture after her Corona pollentia was 're-tuned' by Panacea. [10], She was afraid of illegal drugs, saying she "had this sense" that they were like "an unstoppable black hole". The civilian public begins to see Weaver as a hero following the Behemoth battle and Glenn Chamber's unauthorized release of her POV video of the battle. She can easily defeat even other experienced parahumans in hand-to-hand combat. On that first night out, Taylor notices a group of ABB members, including Lung (who she recognizes immediately from the news and online). I could feel the rush of wind as it passed over me, hurtling into a cubicle. They thrashed. At all. The last concrete detail of Taylor's existence was her encounter with Contessa, who held her at gunpoint and questioned her to discern if she could be saved. It went flying into the air in the same instant I threw myself to the ground. If you are wearing something with color to it, you’re wearing it under a sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. She was a little older than I was, so she was just tall enough to be at the perfect height to do it. It consists of 457,628 Interlude words (those not from Taylor’s perspective). There’s something bone-chillingly interesting about a good murder mystery, which is why shows like CSI and Criminal Minds flood television network every night of the week. As such, she is unable to have a Second Trigger to become more powerful, since she already had one. This group includes Lung, Tattletale, Shadow Stalker, Cuff, Tecton, and Canary at different points. Lisa, though, put one of her arms around my shoulders and gave me a one-armed squeeze of a hug. They were going to hit the bank in only a few minutes, and she was making sure her changes to the plan were done. At Mrs. Knott, who I'd even say was my favorite teacher, "Don't you see how fucked up this is? Taylor says, in the end, that if she had a way to do it all over again, she would find a way to be a hero differently, a way to do it all better and not pay the prices she was forced to pay. I've sort of accepted that you're going to do what you're going to do, whether that helps me or hurts me. It will happen. 15 TRUE Tennessee Murders That Will Keep You Up At Night. When she deployed against Behemoth in New Delhi, she re-used her old Skitter costume so she would have proper protection. [80][83] As of Colony 15.7, she was only capable of holding one conversation at a time, even while controlling multiple clones. After saving Charlotte from the Merchants, she loyally looks after Skitter's base and reports daily to her. ", Without taking the box, I tilted my head to get a better look at the front, "Alexandria. She first meets Sundancer while fighting at the ABB warehouse, but unnerved her by disfiguring Lung. [22] Though these were meant to be temporary they helped her escape the firebombs. They warned her to stay on the Boardwalk and avoided the bad part of town, a command she scrupulously obeyed. The last one that had split off before the entity took on this form. I thought I remembered the dialogue going more like, "Do you know what trigger events are?" She asked Panacea to modify her powers, becoming the being known as Khepri. [16], She had increasing difficulty attending school. A computer worm is a type of malware that spreads copies of itself from computer to computer. [4] She had seemingly never heard of Trigger Events, but this may have been a mistake by the author. She fought the Endbringer Leviathan when he attacked Brockton Bay, helping to track his location and rescue wounded until her communicator was fried. If he suddenly felt that he failed half of his supporters in the last stretch, he'd be just as hurt as us. [114][115] Piggot suggested that this should be upgraded when Taylor admitted she came up with the plan to raid the PRT to stop Dragon and demonstrated the ability to anticipate incoming attacks through her bugs,[116] but she was still classified as a thinker-one after Piggot had left office. This incident alerted her to the risk of someone reading her notes, and she rewrote them in code. The boost to her senses and coordination due to her swarm also allows her exceptional accuracy with firearms. [48] She fights Lung alongside the Undersiders. "I've heard of them, but...". She has a somewhat more distant relationship with Regent, due to being somewhat unsettled by him. Had her powers somehow changed the way she thought? Granted I probably would have gone with skipping ahead at least a hundred years to make Taylor a moot point, since she’d be dead of old age anyways… And while shards are extremely intelligent it is debatable whether they have sentience or not. As a result of the incident, Taylor becomes closed off and rigid. Her power would sometimes perform actions by habit,[26] when she was incapacitated,[84] or when she was in an altered mental state,[25] without her conscious instruction. [12], She has shown some insecurity in her femininity, describing her long, dark curly hair as her "only feminine feature". Much like Taylor's achievements went hand in hand with a growth in her capability and flexibility with her power (on a blunt level like the waxing & waning max range, in terms of being able to see/speak with them, and on an abstract level, like how the shard is helping more in the background or when she's unconscious), -. She could have tapped Cauldron resources and been on the alert. Lord knows it wont be the first time it's happened, nor ... which really has its own tone that is closer to that of Okami, but there's still some Worm … After arriving at the base, Taylor had laid down on the couch and cried. The alec that Taylor sees is one of the heartbroken, as Taylor also describes the Heartbroken as being similar to Alec with different dimension. Which is similar but different. A girl with curly black hair and glasses, stick thin, hugging a red-haired girl. A girl, skinny, but not in the attractive way you saw in magazines. 18 -. I could only think of one powerful individual who was on a par with the others she’d named. Taylor told her that she wasn't before revealing that she had cried herself to sleep for a week. In Glow Worm it is mentioned that Tt is "off world" which could be used to support the theory that she is watching and taking care of Taylor. Everybody can't believe what's happening here. Because she was bullied extensively by "other girls and a small handful of boys" with the "trio" - Madison Clements, Sophia Hess, and Emma Barnes[4] acting as the ringleaders, she was reluctant to make friends and believed that boys didn't like her. [citation needed]. -. [4], As time went on and under the influence of Lisa Wilbourn, she began to vary her wardrobe more. That the crew had stayed suggested something about their personalities. [118], Glaistig Uaine explained to Taylor that she "stands shoulder to shoulder" with other Noble Shards users in power, such as Amy Dallon and Labyrinth, as well as Contessa, herself, and Eidolon, suggesting that Taylor has the potential to be rated 12 or higher on the Master scale. I draped it over my lap. Eventually she surrendered, hoping to acquire concessions in the form of reforms in exchange. [117], Later Director Tagg ordered for her to be treated as a Master 10, Thinker 3 with an additional rating of 2 in every other category; in order to make sure his soldiers didn't underestimate her[117] and to authorize additional means of containing her. Three months before the story begins -- once Taylor recovered from her trigger event -- she started to prepare herself to become a hero. People keep saying suicide, but that isn't quite it. I may get it done if I find a good reference image that I can build off of, as well as the mood to draw at a time to actually do said drawing. Hey, passenger, I thought. Madison would ultimately come to regret her actions after learning that Taylor had become Skitter, feeling somewhat responsible for the path of violence that Taylor had taken. So theres a good chance that he still had a child with Alec's mother, but both the mother and child stayed away from him. I'd always found the capes, Broomstick arms and legs, gawky, with a wide, guileless smile, her eyes just a fraction larger behind the glasses she wore, a little too old fashioned. "The sad part is, you were sold a lie. Before becoming a cape, Taylor was, in her younger days, a big fan of Alexandria and Armsmaster. He's blackmailing us right in front of you, and you can't understand that this manipulation has been going on from the beginning? I tweaked the sweaty crotches part of the chapter just a tiny bit, and will strive to explain a little better in a later chapter. To parahumanity of the Earth Bet diaspora Taylor is simply gone. It was equally startling when, in the moment Emma’s dad slowed the car down, Taylor’s head turned, her eyes falling on them, her head and upper body turning to follow them as they passed. She then throws her bag against the wall in anger, her midterm project -- due that day -- is destroyed. [citation needed], Taylor also receives some knowledge of her bugs' biology from her power,[92] giving her an understanding of their limits, capabilities and the effects of adaptions such as any venom they have.[93]. Like all of her other bugs she saw them as tools, though Atlas did have some sentimental value. [36] When she was nine, she went through a phase where she wore an Alexandria t-shirt and had her mom help her look up pictures of Alexandria online; the only time she had ever been a fan of a particular hero.[37]. -. FlippinMad: Gone? We’d be able to coordinate an attack. Spearheaded winning strategies against Dragon's suits. [8] She suspected that she would hurt herself before she hurt the Trio. Computer class was one of the few parts of the school day I didn't usually dread. What had I been saying? I suppose I’ll be retiring my civilian name, one way or another, by the end of the night. It should have been larger, going by the running theory that feeling ‘trapped' extended my reach, but I was in here by my own device. I think all it takes is that they have to have very simple brains.” -. "[52] In Queen 18.3, Miss Militia takes a look at the contents and sees: A handgun (Trickster's spare), a length of spider silk fashioned into a long cord, pepper spray, a change purse, containing cotton swabs (to muffle the noise), needles, smelling salts, and change, a collapsible baton, and a combat knife (sturdy enough to be used as a crowbar if needed). The Locker Incident is the euphemistic name for the assault that caused Taylor Hebert's Trigger event. Her later costume had extra armor, with a coil of silk hidden beneath an armor panel at the back of the hand. That all happened in Worm actually. She yawned, stretching like a cat as she did so. I scrambled for cover. [89] This gives her enhanced aim[90] and the ability to dodge attacks with supernatural reaction times. Taylor was a tall,[39] stick-thin,[40][41] young woman with long, curly black hair[42][40][43][44] and glasses. Ward Debut -, Your personality is reflected in your fashion choices. It can replicate itself without any human interaction and does not need to attach itself to a software program in order to cause damage. That basically just describes her fight with Valefor and the other Fallen who's name I can't remember. The three then tormented her - Sophia physically, Madison superficially and Emma emotionally. [4] She conducted practice sessions, "far from prying eyes", to determine the extent of her power. Taylor has an almost limitless ability to focus on multiple insects at once, or to focus on other things while also using her insects. There she fought the Slaughterhouse Nine. Gladly, was distracting enough that I couldn’t focus on the lecture. [50], The costume lacks the full extent of the armor paneling she planned, including protection for the back of her head, but the armor covers her face, chest, spine, stomach and major joints (including wrists, shoulders, elbows and knees). Skitter personally defeated Lung after he defeated Kaiser, Fenja, Menja, Bitch and Sundancer. Is there a source for Taylor is in aleph? Taylor likely triggered Monday the third of January 2011 as it was described as the first day of school in the new year.
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