Best for location tracking only Our powerful algorithm optimizes your delivery routes based on cost and time savings, as well as your business’ rules and restraints. Today, the biggest and best routing and dispatch software providers tend to offer a vast range of features that go beyond the basics of route planning, and offer a bundle of additional ways to boost ROI. Dedicated software for companies that need in-depth route planning and little else. Price from: $49/vehicle/month. US Fleet Tracking offers a broad range of hardware, with nine different units sold, as well as an assortment of accessories. DISC covers integrated logistics planning, multi-depot optimization and driver hours balancing. Best for customizable route planning State mileage - Excel Export. Using the same routing algorithms and map data, CoPilot Truck navigation will generate the same route plan for drivers, creating true route compliance between the back office and the cab. TracxTMS is a fully customizable, cloud-based trucking and dispatch software ideal for Carriers and/or Brokers. All these abilities and add-ons make Samsara a great system for long-haul transportation. Planning routes for your truck drivers & fleet can be tedious, using GSMtasks you can automate their routes both in cities and long distances. Sometimes staying simple is best: This cost-effective offering is recommended for fleets that want a location-tracking routing service without a high monthly price tag. Drivers being unable to complete a certain number of miles or jobs per day, Customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting times, Log in to the Admin interface to schedule truckers and routes for the day, Our automated engine will schedule each truckers routes for optimal road time, Each driver receives push notifications to their mobile phone with instructions for each task, The driver can open directions in Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps for quickest traffic routes, Once the driver completes a task they check that task off and continue to the next, Track the drivers in real time in the admin interface. A service with features that make a fleet manager's job easy. If your fleet doesn't need a full fleet management system, but does need to stay in compliance with the ELD mandate (and wouldn't say no to a few other FMS perks), this might be the routing and dispatch service you need. Samsara route planning is a central feature found in its top-quality fleet management system. Fleetio offers the Fleetio Go mobile app free to download, and it can be paired with the company's two flagship fleet software services: Fleetio Manage, a stripped-down FMS solution, and Fleetio Drive, an ELD-compliant tracking service. Truck Routing. ProTransport's color-coded dispatch board keeps track of every vehicle in a manager's fleet, charting locations and availability in real time. Two-way messages help keep drivers and managers on the same page. Plus, it can help you keep track of your employees to keep an eye on their health. To start collecting quotes from trusted companies today, fill out's quick and easy one-minute quote form. The only free app with routing and directions for trucks, not cars. Yes! This helps managers make informed decisions in real time. Pricing not available. Their pitch: Axon offers real-time, totally integrated trucking software that cuts your workload in half, increases cash flow and eliminates driver pay stress. Best value solution Verizon Connect is a great route planning option for a growing fleet that needs all the bells and whistles, to help it ultimately save more money by reducing expenses and speeding up routing. GSMtasks is a solution to efficiently manageand analyze your logistic needs. Price from: $45/vehicle/month. It doesn't offer any unique features, and it doesn't stand out for anything in particular, but it remains dependable, offers a decent range of abilities, and gives 24/7 online support to its users – which earns it a place on our list. Get tailored quotes from all the leading providers, in a few quick clicks. Price from: $20/vehicle/month. Automatic optimized routes save substantial fuel and time costs to your business. OnlineTruck Routing& Mileage software. In addition to servicing more customers with our service routing software, you and/or your drivers will also save gas, time driving, and decrease your environmental footprint. Minimize windshield time for your truckers and maximize the capacity of your fleet with optimized routes. KeepTruckin offers both hardware units and the software to go with them, including a manager dashboard and driver mobile app. Vehicles with the ignition on are color-coded green, while turned-off vehicles appear in red. Truckstops route planning, scheduling optimisation software is world renowned for outstanding multi-drop and bulk routing and scheduling. There are thousands of licences sold throughout the world to help organisations optimise route planning for fleets of HGVs, vans and cars. Compare your options and find the best deal today. Deliveries, Sales, and Service Companies Using Our Routing Software. Feature rich, simple to use, is becoming THE essential tool for over the road drivers everywhere. Registration takes less than one minute. It's also worth noting that Omnitracs offers a “navigation integration” ability, which uses predictive modeling to improve route optimization as it gains more data over time. Drivers will instantly receive a dispatch on their phones, and managers can comb through drivers' hours of service data in order to find the best option for each job. The third element, the plug-and-play hardware unit, comes with a one-year warranty and can be quickly installed in each vehicle driving routes. This makes Fleetio Drive a good choice for a fleet that needs an inexpensive way to get started with route planning, but doesn't need automated fuel tracking or vehicle diagnostic reporting.
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