At the same time, the disciples of the Lan and Jin sects go to a temple to investigate a Heavenly Lady statue. When Qinghe Nie Sect's leader Nie Mingjue gets there, he meets with an old friend. Lan WangJi saves him from a blow and the both of them are then left behind to wait for rescue. However, Jiang FengMian's favoring of Wei WuXian angers Yu ZiYuan. Jiang YanLi finds him using his flute on the mountain, which affects the group of Wen Sect prisoners below. Life of a Leaky Pen About poet, librarian, sea monster proud multishipper; you're safest assuming that everything is queued Pronouns: ve/ver/vis/verself or they/them (Example sentences at Fan of: The Untamed, Leverage, Lord of the Rings, Machineries of Empire, Murderbot, SL Huang, Brandon Sanderson, & many more. However, one cup knocks him out cold so Wei WuXian lays him on the bed. However, as Wei WuXian is left hiding and waiting on the boat, he is plagued by his worries. Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji are two completely different people from two different worlds. Lan WangJi warns him of the consequences of practicing demonic cultivation and fears that he will not be able to control it. Because of the trouble Wei Wuxian caused, Jiang Cheng has to go to Wei Wuxian and talks some sense to him. There, Lan WangJi worries that Wei WuXian might lose control, but the latter is determined that he will never do so. This angers Nie MingJue and he appoints Jin GuangYao to be his deputy. In der Serie ergründen zwei „Kultivierer“ eine Reihe mysteriöser Begebenheiten, die mit einem dramatischen Ereignis in ihrer Vergangenheit zusammenhängen. Everyone retreats into the cave but they are still wary of Wei WuXian. The next day, Wei WuXian leads Jiang Cheng up the mountains to find BaoShan SanRen. Over at the Nightless City, Wen RuoHan punishes a disciple in front of Wen Qing in order to teach her a lesson. Xi Chen blows the flute and gets the swords dropped. Wei Wuxian must go back there. Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli comes to Yilin to meet with Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji finds out Nie Mingjue's body hidden in Yi City. The overwhelming resentful energy causes Wei WuXian to succumb to the dark power of the mysterious sword previously found in the XuanWu Cave. As Wei WuXian still worries, he creates a paper doll to speak with Wen Qing secretly and asks for a short break. Wei WuXian decides to use "Empathy" to see the blind girl A-Qing's memories and a flashback from 10 years ago starts. Trouble arises when the statue becomes animated and starts attacking. The Wen clan holds power over the other smaller families of Lan, Jiang, Nie, and Jin. In the Lotus Pier, the three YunMeng siblings start rebuilding their clan and reminisce about their childhood. After 16 years later, Mo Xuanyu from Mo residence sacrifices himself and bring Wei Wuxian back to get revenge for him. Soon after, another cultivator, Xiao Xing Chen arrives. Three days later, Wei WuXian awakes and learns from Jiang YanLi that Lan WangJi has been playing his guqin to calm his soul. Jiang Cheng arrives to help his brother, and Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian hunt the Qishan Wen Sect's Dire Owl to restore the souls of Wen Qing's family. Song Lan explains that Xue Yang has destroyed the Baixue Temple and poisoned his eyes to blind him. In Nightless City, Wen RuoHan orders Xue Yang to find the piece in Yue Yang, displeasing Wen Chao. Xue Yang, on the other hand, became a guest disciple in LanLing Jin Sect but was kicked out by Jin GuangYao. This series completed broadcast August 20, 2019 with the 50th episode. The fight ends and the disciples catch up with them. The two find a house and search for water, but the family of the house returns and the two immediately hide. Unable to handle the pain, Yu ZiYuan stabs herself and falls on the ground to hold his hand as they pass together. In the Cloud Recesses, Lan QiRen punishes Lan WangJi for not stopping Wei WuXian. The Untamed Episode 29 is the best episode in 2019. Suddenly, Wen Ning comes up to Lan SiZhui to ask for his name and upbringing as he is reminded of Wen Yuan. They then hear the pleas of the Wen Sect again and rush to stop Jin ZiXun from killing the innocent, elderly, and weak. Back in the Carp Tower, Jin ZiXuan stops Jiang YanLi from going to the Burial Mound to search for Wei WuXian as he finally starts to love her deeply. Nie HuaiSang's leg is bleeding and he cries out that Su She attacked him. They enjoy some fresh lotus seeds. However, as the disciples drink the porridge, they complain about the heavy spice. While everyone competes for power, Wei WuXian goes to the edge of the cliff and Lan WangJi follows. The remaining four then arrive in YueYang and receive news of the mysterious disappearance of the YueYang Chang sect. They, along with Lan XiChen, try to enter the treasure room but are stopped by Su She. Jiang Cheng tries to convince Wei WuXian to hand over the Wen remnants and Stygian Tiger Seal. He then meets the young disciples of the Lan sect in Mo Village and gets caught up in a zombie mystery. When they arrive at the coffin area, they are surprised to find that only swords are inside the coffins. During the batter, unexpected and unfortunate thing happened. To prevent Lan WangJi from complaining, Wei WuXian casts a talisman spell on him to get him to drink as the other two escape. The latter blames Wei WuXian for cursing him with one thousand boils and a hundred holes. Lan XiChen regains his spiritual power and holds his blade to Jin GuangYao's neck. The event then officially starts and Wei WuXian blows his flute to make monsters to enter YunMeng's camp. Meanwhile, Lan WangJi and Lan XiChen learn of the unusual appearance of water ghouls in CaiYi Town and decide to visit the next day. They ask Song Lan three questions, and the last answer causes Xiao XingChen to control Song Lan and attack Wei WuXian again. The fight ends when Lan WangJi breaks one of the jars and Wei WuXian is then brought to meet Lan QiRen and Lan XiChen to be punished. Because of the fact that Wei Wuxian takes third of prey, Jin Zixun causes problems with Wei Wuxian. When Wei WuXian died that year, Lan WangJi disobeyed the Lan Sect in order to protect Wei WuXian's cave. Jin GuangYao then pushes the sword in deeper and cries that he has never once wanted to harm Lan XiChen. When Xue Yang follows him to night-hunt, he secretly poisons innocents and cuts off their tongues to trick Xiao XingChen's evil-sensing sword, letting the latter kill them. He travels with the elder brother and sister of the clan, Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. Lan WangJi then uses Inquiry to ask for Jin Ling's whereabouts. However, when Jin Ling wakes, he runs away and Wei WuXian gets caught by Jiang Cheng while chasing for him. A leader from a small clan arrives wounded at Lotus Pier. Due to Wei WuXian's intense fear of dogs and the beast trying to eat him, he is injured and worn out. He then slowly turns around and smiles. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji arrive at Qinghe and find out the grave that eats people. However, blood trickles from Wei WuXian's nose and he grows weaker. Wen Qing was described as a beautiful maiden with darker skin and sweet features despite an arrogant expression. However, as they are leaving the cave, the other sects swiftly gather outside to claim back their disciples and stand against Wei WuXian. In order to win, Wei Wuxian uses his ability and takes control of Wen Ruohan's zombie things. Meanwhile, Wen Chao finds another piece of Silver Metal. Lan Wangji comes to Yilin to meet with Wei Wuxian. Jiang YanLi spots him and begins to ask about Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian leaves Song Lan and Xue Yang to finish their business while he and the others bury A-Qing outside Yi City. He introduces himself as Wei WuXian as pre-planned and answers all her questions without failure before being led away. The Lan sect also finds them and tension forms between the clans before they part. But Xiao XingChen is too kind-hearted and also welcomes Xue Yang's help to repair the hut. He also explains that there is a sudden rise of puppets in the Burial Mounds and suspects that Wei WuXian is causing it. During their studies, Wei Wu Xian and the Jiang siblings go study at the Lan sect. Download Drama China The Untamed (2019) Episode 20 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Drama China The Untamed (2019) Episode 20 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download The Untamed (2019) Episode 20 full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2019,adventure,comedy,drama china,fantasy This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 10:06. The next day, Xue Yang uses candies to test if A-Qing is really blind, and believes so when A-Qing does not react to the sword at her chest. Lan WangJi then explains that the remaining people of the Wen Sect are being captured and killed, and the three Stygian Iron pieces have been destroyed. Later, Wen Ning tells Wei WuXian that he and Lan SiZhui will visit QiShan. With wound in the abdomen, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji left Jin Sect. Suddenly, it starts to rain heavily and they are brought inside the temple. But Wen Chao’s men point their swords at Wu Xian. The latter then escapes and Lan WangJi tries to give chase but fails. In GuSu, the eldest son Wen Xu leads the burning of the Cloud Recesses and kills many innocent disciples. Due to his great achievements and reputation, he gained the title Hanguang-Jun, which means the light holder. Then they go back to Yunmeng Jiang Sect to rest for a while. When Lan XiChen and Jin GuangYao arrive, the latter gets insulted by Madam Jin and Jin ZiXun. Wei WuXian tries to fall but Lan WangJi catches him in time, unwillingly to let go. Totally a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Jiang Yanli comes off as quiet and shy, even differential to her brothers, but is one of the strongest characters in the series. By the time they get to the place where Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu are staying for the night, they find out who is responsible for what they saw in these days. He's not someone who wouldn't think he would be the one who is behind everything, including Wei Wuxian's comeback. With agreement from the others in the room, his invitation is then handed to Lan WangJi to handle. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi are out in the forest, and Wen Ning and Lan SiZhui catch up with them.
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