We've found it most helpful to look at samples shot with consistent backgrounds, so you can contrast the different distorting effects. Many web designers have installed the same for creating innovative designs as blog themes and backgrounds. Quick Contact Form For that reason, designers have been making use of Glass texture to bring out true design, look and increase flow in work of art. Obscured Window Glass: Textured 'Figured Rolled Glass' Pattern Guide [1890-2020] As the name implies, Figured Rolled Glass is an architectural glass having a figured or patterned surface impressed by rollers during the process of manufacture. Glass, always has a fresh appeal, is always one of the best options for designers to work with. Wide variety of styles - Simple obscured, textured, and beautiful artistic patterns. We offer a wide variety of patterned and textured glass online, and even more in our store. “Dark Bronze” Houdini™ Architectural Glass. Our fully trained staff will advise you on where different types and thicknesses of glass should be used. They are designed in intricate patterns and they also invoke creativity for the users as well. Clear textured, or architectural glass, is available in a wide variety of textures, designs and decorative patterns. Professionally Made, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter, 4729+ Graphic Templates - Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, HTML5, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI) -. Textured and Patterned glass fall into the decorative glass category. We will work with you to better collaborate on your unique vision and needs. If simple texture is your cup of tea, then you should be the one going for plain glass textures. At Precision Glass, we have many choices when it comes to textured patterns. Therefore it is important when cutting and optimising this glass that the overall appearance of the finished pane is considered so that the design is central to the pane. Contact Us (901) 320-7100. Patterns and Textures Patterned or textured glass offer unique interior design options for architects, builders and specialty manufacturers to create translucent works of art while providing privacy, division of spaces, and solidarity while also allow control over how much light and privacy is needed. Uses are varied from desktop backgrounds to websites designs and all. Some popular Glass texture you need to know include: plain texture, broken glass, designed glass, frosted glass, shattered glass, window shine glass and others. Textured glass options. From shop PinetreeStudiosStore. modern textures . Procreate Glass Texture Brushes (.brushset) Designed for iPad and Procreate/ Digital Download / Layered Element / Background / Digital Paper PinetreeStudiosStore. From Obscure to Narrow Reed to Rain, choose the pattern that you like best. Below are samples of different patterns available to help you visualize the varying obscurity levels for each style of glass. Whether you are looking for a simple piece of glass to order online, or a custom piece of glass, Economy Glass can accommodate your needs. There are hundreds of thousands of glasses with different textures. Textured Back-Painted Glass in “Blue Freesia”. If you want to have the profound look in any decor that you are making, then you should be going for the smoked glass texture. It can be ribbed, pebbled, pleated or These beautiful textured glass patterns accentuate kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, light fixtures, or any of your artistic glass needs. The unique textures make it the perfect glass for cabinets, windows and doors. Clear textured glass, sometimes called architectural glass, can add incredible depth and beauty to your home or office. They were made mainly in 2D designs denying it the outlook supposed to have. Obscured glass. Also called architectural glass, clear textured glass is ideal for transoms, sidelights, or anywhere that you want light to enter but still want a bit of privacy. The images below should give you a rough sense of what's out there. 3D visual effects are also highly appreciable. Torstenson Glass Company 3233 North Sheffield Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60657-2210 Hours M-F Office: 8 AM – 4:30 PM CST Shop: 8 AM – 4:00 PM CST Phone 773-525-0435 Fax 773-525-0009 Email – information@tglass.com Scratched glass textures are one of the most sought after textures of this season and a lot of clients are demanding for the same. The pattern or texture is imprinted on a glass by passing molten glass on the rollers which have a negative impression of the pattern. Standard Textures. Contact The Glass Guru Of Memphis today to schedule your Textured Glass estimate! We offer over 150 types of textured clear and jewel tone glass. Each of the textures is mostly used for different design type and forms. They are available in a lot of designs and each of them consist of intricate designing. Guardian textures glass offers a breadth of distinctive patterns, designed to add visual interest to any interior. Glass is an uncrystallized, transparent substance known for its beauty, elegant and neat appeal. Welcome to Economy Glass, a full-service glass company in Santa Monica, California. The scratched texture gives a vintage effect and brings out the nostalgic dimension of the design. Few patterned glass products offer the timeless appeal and versatility of Pattern 62—a classic solution. Bubble Textured Glass. The scratched texture gives a vintage effect and brings out the nostalgic dimension of the design. As an 85 year old business, we have a far-reaching track record of going beyond our customers’ expectations by offering only the highest quality products and customer service. They are available in both the matt and glossy types and are of a great use to web and graphic designers in different fields. Seeded & Textured Glass We are proud to offer a stock of over 40 unique styles of decorative glass. EcoGlass™ “Bamboo” Textured Architectural Glass. If a pane is small enough, potentially … Clear textured stained glass is art glass used by stained glass artists and hobbyists. The continuous textured pattern provides an understated, elegant look to any front door with glass. visit Artistry in Glass . We promise you will find something that fits your unique style and needs at Economy Glass. Textured glass provides privacy in windows and doors throughout the home without losing the benefits of natural daylight. Turn possibilities into finished products. If aristocracy is what you want, then you should be going for the sandblasted glass textures. Ideal for cabinet doors and other applications where an obscured view or privacy is desired, clear textures lend movement and interest in simple installations and as backgrounds to stained glass panels. Lamberts Mouth-Blown “Reamy”. We are the experts when it comes to crafting new and inventive glass pieces for your home or business. have impressed designs like fleur de lis, morisco or bottle glass . Scratched glass textures are one of the most sought after textures of this season and a lot of clients are demanding for the same. Add sparkle and texture to your stained glass projects. We stock Spectrum, Wissmach, Kokomo, Uroboros, Pilkington, Desag, Saint-Just and Saint Gobain. Low-Iron “Flutini” Textured Architectural Glass. After passing through rollers, the glass is cooled in annealing lehr, and then the patterned glass is cut according to the requirements. Unique textures create subtle shifts of light, and differing levels of opacity secure privacy in various settings. The old trends never look so real and the dimension as well as layout was poor. include glue-chip, seedy or antique . You can opt these for web designs, graphics, logos and other purposes. Patterned glass  has a surface that has been imprinted with a pattern or texture at high temperatures while still in the molten or malleable state. Smoked, fogged, frosty, shattered, scratched are to name a few of such variations. They are available in very high quality and are highly compatible as well. Textured glass is available in a variety of designs and patterns. Our team in our store, and our in-home technicians in our workshop will see to it that you love the new glass features in your home or office, whether your goal is to see more clearly from your window or add accent glass doors to your cabinets. Undoubtedly wise to use for websites, desktop design, backgrounds and various purposes. Custom sizes and shapes are also available; please contact a salesperson for a quote. We strive to make sure your dream of the perfect glass project becomes a reality. Textured & Patterned Glass: A Decorative Glass Textured and Patterned glass fall into the decorative glass category. Glue Chip Textured Glass. Interior applications of patterned and textured decorative glass include shower and tub enclosures, room partitions, cabinet doors, skylight and sidelight areas, shelves and more. Interested In: Restore Window Restoration Foggy Window Repair Shower Glass Stain Removal; Repair Window Repair Door Repair Glass Repair Shower Repair Mirror Repair to see these glass samples and many others in our Fort Lowell studio. The shattered texture has various uses. Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ is a random pattern which has implications when cutting the glass down into finished sizes. The designed texture of glass is used for desktop design, website background designs and others. We are obsessed with the details of the glass, and offer any glass in any size. You will be able to create some subtle shifting in your website design, graphic design, logo design and others. Pattern 62 is similar to P516 by Guardian and Stippolyte™ by Pilkington Glass. © 2017 Economy Glass Co. All Rights Reserved. Patterned glass offers style and individuality throughout your home or office. The transparency and uncrystallized look are among the things that made the current design trends of this texture a must for all designers. Instead of old fashioned glass textures, obscure glass textures are highly in modern trendy designs. People and objects behind the glass are obscured making it a versatile building material for open plan living and working environments. You can also order an assortment of ten pieces. The latest trends equally come with 3D effects which made it look just as it is in the real world. Textures, ranging from subtle to dramatic, add privacy, movement, and create ambiance in designs like nothing else. They are one of a kind and have a unique sense of style. 38134. This is because they add a tinge of elegance to your design and once you install it, you will love the effect that it brings to your home and virtual world décor. If a pane is small enough, potentially there could be no evidence of the pattern at all. With different levels of light diffusion available, from low obscuration to the greatest level of obscuration, decorative glass comes in a variety of patterns. If you want the designs to be simple yet gorgeous, then you should be going for the transparent glass textures in the first place. Dew Textured Glass. Textured Glass Frank Lumber can provide over 30 different textured glass options for installation into any door that we sell. Fogged glass textures are best for its opaqueness, gloomy looks. 1690 N Shelby Oaks Memphis, TN. It is also known as obscured glass, which is frosted with a textured surface. Frosted and textured glass shower doors provide the right amount of obscurity without affecting the light that enters. Glass Australia carries a wide variety of obscure glass, some varieties have, over the years, been discontinued, while other varieties have recently been introduced. It is possible with that, if a pane is small enough, it could be cut with no evidence of the pattern at all. Patterned glass has a surface that has been imprinted with a pattern or texture at high temperatures while still in the molten or malleable state. Frosted glass textures are high on demand in modern trends of designs for its opaqueness but sufficient pass of light. Indiana Glass Pebble Leaf Green Salad Glass Plate, Set of 4, Vintage 1960s Textured Clear Avocado Green Leaf Pattern Lunch Plates, Holiday TheVintageDaisyVault From shop TheVintageDaisyVault Bubble Textured Glass. Textured Glass Bring natural light indoors without sacrificing privacy with these modern textured glass designs. If you are looking for great wall and floor décor, then there can be nothing better than these textures. Add depth, drama and degrees of privacy to any residential setting with Guardian standard textures. Also they are of very high quality and easy to use as well. Textured glass can really make a project pop, but it can be difficult to spec without knowing the name of the precise effect you're looking for. Spraylite Textured Glass. They are compatible in a number of devices and are the perfect ones for the designers. SGO Designer Glass provides a wide range of textured pattern glass with applications including cabinet doors, shower enclosures, and residential and commercial architectural applications. Just select the size you want. Visit Us at: 1631 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404. traditional textures . feature linear patterns like reeded, master vue or clear chord . country style textures . They are compatible to a lot of devices and that is why you can download them easily. Sufficient light as well as opaqueness, fresh and clean looks, various shades, 3D visual effects in options, gloominess are the reasons why frosty window textures are so high in modern designs. Corporate Office (877) 654-8507. Versatility. Translucent glass textures are the ones responsible for the sophisticated look for any designing. For a little more personality, look to our textured glass patterns. You will be able to create some subtle shifting in your website design, graphic design, logo design and others. It is nearly opaque, letting light in while blocking complete visibility through the glass. Compared to clear glass, which has an opacity rating of 1 (meaning it’s easy to see through), these styles provide the maximum amount of privacy, ranging in opacity levels from 8-10. Showers, Heavy Glass and Mirror Custom Glass Fabrication Needs, Fulfilled . “Golden Dawn Ice” Textured Colored Glass.
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