This means that when there is a gap in the signal the REL is instantly at maximum power saving efficiency, yet remains at maximum readiness to respond immediately to a sudden transient signal (such as an explosion in a movie) even a er a long quiet … If you like what 1 REL sub does, you will definitely appreciate two in stereo mode. TV/movie soundtracks also sound amazing. Read more. The Rel T9i is the flagship of the Welsh manufacturer’s Ti subwoofer range. Starting At: £4,799 it has been rumored that the "T" models and newer are partially made in china? While there is no substitute for huge bass traps and other room treatments, a pair of T/9i get you most of the way … They’re both very good products so the lack of quality materials in the turntable build is likely not the issue. Same experience. The combination is brilliant; exceeding the performance of competitors’ drivers that are many times more expensive. On the one hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. Powered by an amplifier with an output power of 300 watts RMS, it is equipped with a long-throw surround so that it can move a considerable amount of air. Sign up and stay connected for exclusive deals. B- Britania series are larger than the more compact "T" series. T/9i represents the most of T/i that we can deliver, and if sheer output alone is a primary requirement for your theater or music system then read no further. REL T7i for sale. They are always rare, may even become collectible someday and offer a unique way to enjoy an already special model With the Rel Acoustics T-9i, the Welsh manufacturer illustrates its expertise in passive enclosures. Highly recommended” Plug in and play, zero-compression wireless system for Serie T/i that eliminates the need for costly and restrictive cables. The 300-watt amplifier controlled the driver’s cone steadily and the passive radiator followed the same tempo. The easy-to-use, zero-compression, embedded wireless system for No.25, Serie S and Habitat1 that frees you from conventional cables. We started with our driver upgrades and built outward. - compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see specs and features. I've had an Anthem integrated 225 paired with Paradigm Monitor 11's in my TV/music room for the last 4 years now and didn't ever really think about a subwoofer. This is known as 'quiescent current' and is commonly measured in milliamps. Thanks for a great product! I have also set these up in a kind of small room (5m x 4m) with big speakers. This is what makes the brand so attractive to audiophiles; rather than simply adding more bass, these subs simply add an underpinning of bass reinforcement, allowing the loudspeakers to act more openly and engagingly in the upper registers. Consequently, you will need an amplifier with a preamplified SUB output to enjoy the Dynaudio Sub 3 during hi-fi listening sessions. T/9i delivers more than just raw output. Kef don't seem to publish a quiescent figure in the manual but I bet they have one. I would normally view the REL T-9 as a small or compact sub. On the one hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. We used the high level connection (Speakon input on the subwoofer) with the included cable for these installations. Take the REL out of the system, and the cavernous, immersive soundstage becomes a narrower, more generic space. The £500 HT/1003 is REL’s first foray into pure-bred home cinema heroics. Our acclaimed input filters and robust amplifiers result in some of the best sounding, most reliable designs ever produced. Standby Mode … Primarily due to not accounting for one over recent years and placing more and more furniture into the space, which in turn decreased the ability of positioning for such an addition. Everything has worked great. The T9i enriches modest systems with deliciously sumptuous natural bass, high quality construction, and gorgeous finishes. Read More +. Then recently some different audiophile videos started popping up in my YouTube feed, including a lot of folks talking about REL. REL Acoustics T-9i Subwoofer represents the most of T/i that we can deliver, and if sheer output alone is a primary requirement for your theater or music system then read no further. B&W PV1D: a part of the British manufacturer’s catalog since 2012, the B1W PV1D continues to impress with its bold design, matched by an equally impressive acoustic performance. The latter increases the acoustic pressure and the bass level produced by the main driver. However, the drawback of this finish is that the shiny surface attracts fingerprints. As REL woofer-in-chief John Hunter described to me, the new T lineup benefitted from the development of the Series S line. There were no delays, and the attacks were powerful. It is powered by the signal from the final output stage of the amplifier, the same one that drives the speakers, which ensures a very consistent overall sound signature and allows the subwoofer to be connected to any amplifier. The REL T/9i pair completely changed my listening experience. It features a 10” down-firing driver paired with a front-firing passive radiator. Current (intensity), not voltage, is the key element to set the subwoofer’s large drivers in motion. Yesterday, when in power “auto” mode, the standby red light turns to white like normal when music is being played, but no sounds … REL Acoustics How To: High & Low Level Subwoofer Tuning Step 1, Finding the Correct Phase - Duration: 2:21. Rel Acoustics has used a specific high level input since 1990. Author has kept superb unknown ideas that will help most music lovers. Assuming that the sub is powered up but in standby then some of it's components will be drawing current. available only at authorized retailers. REL’s T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile. The Welsh company offers several ranges of subwoofers to suit all budgets and uses. Until the REL, I hated subwoofers and thought they were only for bass heads. Well designed, the gain for the high level and low level inputs is separate from the gain for the LFE input so that there are two different settings for hi-fi and home theater use. The Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer is the flagship model in the Welsh manufacturer’s T/i Series. Since 1998, the Welsh engineers have made sure that the integrated amplifiers in Rel Acoustics subwoofers produce a high level of current. With more presence in the lows, the midrange seemed to gain texture, while the highs were clearer and seemed more detailed. I have a T7i partnering my TV but purchased a T9i for my ageing but still excellent music system. Incredible range on the system. Pair your speakers with the right REL subwoofer. This design is much more effective than simple reinforcements that can generate noise and turbulence, sometimes resulting in blurred musical details. Lastly, we adjusted the subwoofer’s high cutoff frequency by positioning it slightly above the low cutoff frequency of the speakers, listening to make sure that there wasn’t too much bass nor too little. With the REL T9i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. Efficient bracing eliminates baffle resonance that can negatively impact the correct pitch of instruments far outside the bass region. There is no way i can listen to music with out these now. Then i heard the T/7i at the store and was explained how these work differently to surround or standard subs, intrigued i dug deeper (YouTube - Paul we've all seen his videos). Read More +, “REL’s T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile. Learn how your comment data is processed. It might come as a surprise that REL has never created a subwoofer purely for movies. We connected the amplifier’s LFE output to the subwoofer’s .1/LFE input using a subwoofer cable. I have a 34 day old REL HT/1003 subwoofer that I’ve been using regularly. There is also a power cable, a pair of fabric gloves for handling the subwoofer without leaving fingerprints, the acoustic fabric grille and the user manual. This ensures that they reproduce not only the attack and body of a note, but also the echoes during the decay of a sound. The sound gained realism and density, with rich and nuanced bass. The Rel T9i is the flagship of the Welsh manufacturer’s Ti subwoofer range. The 300-watt amplification controls the moving components of the subwoofer perfectly, with an excellent sense of rhythm and remarkable responsiveness which also allows this model to be used for purely hi-fi listening sessions. For a reasonable sum, Arrow gives you the ability to place subs in distant corners, along glass walls, or on hardwood floors where a cable would otherwise destroy the effect. Note that the subwoofer is very responsive and comes out of automatic standby mode quick enough not to miss any explosions. The passive radiator’s white and silver cone that is decorated with the brand’s logo gives the subwoofer a distinctive look and remains slightly visible through the acoustic fabric grille. Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive, 10 in., 250mm long-throw, FibreAlloy™ inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis, white cone, 10 in., 250mm long-throw, inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis, black cone, High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level single RCA, LFE RCA, Arrow (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip, 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets, 3.15 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation, 6.3 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation, High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, 5 coats. More specifically, this is a survey of how most people get deep bass very wrong, and how a pair of well-integrated RELs are the exception. Naturally, the extension and presence in the lows were more impressive, but the whole soundstage also benefited from the addition of the subwoofer. As with all of its subwoofers, Rel Acoustics has used a Speakon connector for the high level input of this model.
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