Truly Inspirational Quotes about Life. "When you have the ultimate selfless sacrifice it paid my wrong.You proved to be worthy of my devotion.Of Death' 90+ Best William Shakespeare Quotes on Love, Life, and Death [2020] By Katee Fletcher Updated November 4, 2020. ... in order to be a true revolutionary, you must understand love. I will not be bound by anything but my love for you. But death does not stand at the end of life, it is all through it. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. Go to table of contents. Votes: 0, We will cry and bleed and lust and love, and we will cure death. Votes: 2, Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath. A woman to love, a man to hate. Strength is Life, Weakness is Death. . Votes: 0, When you have loved deeply, that love can grow even stronger after the death of the person you love. It's better than being comfortable. Death does not separate the lover from the beloved. Even if mentally I'm consumed with sick visions of violence, terror, sex and death. Votes: 0, My sole defense against the natural horror which death inspires is to love beyond it. To die for one's country? Nothing endures. Boris: If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse. I hope death will be a great happiness, a happiness as great as that of love, fulfilled love. ", —Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 6. To die for love? And my responsibility for it. 01 August, 2019. Short Life Quotes. Guess now who holds thee?' Votes: 2, What are the sources of poetry? Matt Riches. Love is timeless.... Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us; mostly they are passed on unopened. Votes: 2, Death and love are the two wings that bear the good man to heaven. That's why I really don't want to be labeled a cynic. 16. Votes: 0, This 51 Phoenix Racing team, I love them to death. Ann Landers. Votes: 0, Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death. Votes: 0, Therefore, faithful Christian, seek the truth, listen to the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, tell the truth, learn the truth, defend the truth even to death. Call it agape love, a love that bears a semblance of God's. The secret of love is acceptance, acceptance of our finite self, of our life, our birth ... our death. 30 William Shakespeare Quotes About Love, Life, Friendship and Death. Votes: 0, As far as songwriting, my inspirations came from love, life and death, and viewing other people's situations. Death separates the soul from the body, but love separates all things from the soul. Votes: 0, Love is the only effective counter to death. We understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love. The mercy of the world is time. Votes: 0, What is any of this to us? Death, on the other hand, is a slow, false, divine calamity. Eternal love is a myth, but we make our myths, and we love them to death. We will cry and bleed and lust and love, and we will cure death. Votes: 0, We see his smile of love even when others see nothing but the black hand of death smiting our best beloved. Death is no enemy, but the foundation of gratitude, sympathy, and art. Votes: 0, I'll make you so in love with me, that everytime our lips touch, you'll die a little death. It is more serious than death. 2. Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Votes: 0, I had traded the fight against love for the fight against loneliness, the fight against life for the fight against death. The Father did not require the death of Christ to persuade Him to love us. it is that which death has frowned on and passed over.
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