This consisted of a wheel-driven cutter-bar to which a pole handle was attached. Grass boxes, delivery plates, and longer handles were offered as optional extras. A 10 inch manual roller model in the "Hayn" range manufactured by Nutt Eng. A product of Barfords of Belton, this was an 18 inch rotary mower with a 98cc two-stroke engine, c1963. Hand mower produced by the Eureka Planter Company. No other details. Blackburn engine and a "chevron" cutting cylinder; c1965. A sidewheel mower marketed in western Europe c1920, probably an American import. Two iron guide wheels were set in front of the cutting cylinder. Sidewheel mowers sold by Baxendales, a large hardware and builder's merchant in Manchester (BEANCO = Baxendale & Co). Anderson of Richmond, Indiana. The name under which the Army & Navy stores retailed the Follows & Bate "Magic" all-steel sidewheel mower. The "Panther" continued to be made under the Suffolk name into the 1990s. The last mower to be made under the Webb name, this was a machine made 1990/91. Gang unit produced by Shanks in the 1960s, specially built for tougher work on park, pasture, orchard or airfield. A product of Hendersons, this was a manual chain-driven roller mower, c1905. In 1881 prices ranged from 35/-d to 90/-d. By 1890 6 and 7 inch mowers had been added to the range and prices ranged from 21/-d to 105/-d. A Canadian-built sidewheel mower. The "Hawk Major" was the 19 inch version. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower of conventional design for the period. Made for the professional market this was one of mowers which continued in production when the firm withdrew from the domestic market in the mid-1970s. One known example in an Essex collection has a Brough 2-stroke engine and a tubular steel handle (which makes the "Automo" one of the first mowers with this latter feature). This had a slightly curved "T" handle and a trailing grass box. A manual sidewheel mower from Hilltop Foundries of Birmingham, early 1930s. A product of Greens, this was a late 1940s/50s manual roller mower. This had Power Specialities' own 120cc engine and sold for £38.15.0d (plus P.T.) A 1960s product of J.P., this was a powered roller mower with a two-stroke engine. One example in the UK is marked "Alpina Export" which would imply that this is a foreign machine. A mower made by the Essex (Heybridge) firm of E.H. Bentall c1889. Some models also bear the word "Leeds". A product of Mountfield, this was a 1980s rotary mower. The various models of this had alphabetical designations. A range of mowers retailed by the Holborn (London) firm of Gamages. One example in the UK has a 10 inch cut. 284. Catalogue mowers retailed by Young's of Horley. In 1935 prices ranged from £6.0.0d to £7.10.0d. A manual sidewheel mower with 7 inch diameter wheels. This was a gear-driven roller machine with prominent star-wheels (options for one or two) providing the drive between the roller and the cutting cylinder. 2-stroke Villiers engine and a seven-bladed cutting cylinder. A product of Shanks, c1920, this was a ball-bearing manual roller mower. In September 1949 this was available in 16 & 18 inch sizes at a price of $21.95 and $23.50 respectively. Look at the diagram and find parts that fit a Qualcast Classic 35S, or refer to the list below. A product of J.E. The cork plate clutch - at one end of the rear roller - was activated by a lever on the handles pulling a cable. A product of W.T. It was priced at £3-3-0d, but this had increased to £3-7-6d by 1939. A product of Nettlefold & Sons, c1879, this was a gear-driven roller mower with an "Archimedean"-type cutting cylinder advertised in 8, 10, 13, 15 & 18 inch widths with prices in 1887 ranging from 2 to 6 guineas. A product of Vivien Loyd & Co., Camberley, c1950, the "Motor Sickle" was an 18 or 21 inch rotary mower with a Villiers engine and pram-type spoked wheels. The original patent was No. In 1953, the Clipper came in 12-in, 14-in and 16-in sizes, and the Super Clipper in 14, 16 and 18-in. The name derived from the ability to reverse the cutting cylinder when the blades were worn on one side. This was a similar to a very large side-wheel machine with a large diameter cutting cylinder and scythe-like blades for dealing with rushes and long coarse grasses (known as "bents"). A traditional wooden-handled manual sidewheel mower manufactured after World War 2 by Qualcast under the Folbate name. An American sidewheel mower, c1890, this was available in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16-in sizes with prices ranging from £1.1.0d to £1.18.0d -grass box extra. A 14 inch motor mower manufactured by Arundel Coulthard & Co of Preston. One "All British" mower in an Essex collection bears the name "Moweesi" on the handle but the editor does not discount the possibility that this may have been a replacement handle. An improved version of the "Keen Klipper" with a triple-gear drive patented by E.C. A range of mowers by J.P. designed in the 1920s and continuing in production until 1961.These included 12, 14 & 16 inch manual roller mowers and the "Super Special" high-quality 16 inch manual roller mower. A pony mower by Picksley, Sims & Co. of Leigh, Lancashire, late 19th/early 20th century. This later machine was marketed as the Lloyds Pennsylvania Motor Mower. By 1924, and improved version with a front runner for height adjustment was available alongside the orginal model. Available with 7-blade cutters for extra fine cut. It was marketed by a number of UK companies including Shay and Andrews of Sunningdale. A product of Qualcast c.1927, this was a high-wheel sidewheel mower available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch sizes. One of these implies that the Model H was a replacement for the earlier Model G as an "improved" machine. It had a 4-stroke engine with recoil start. At the same time Shanks were offering a 4 hp 24 inch machine and a 10 hp. A small gear-driven roller mower made by Barnard, Bishop & Barnard in 1870. Qualcast 43S Classic Serial Number 002156a to 002277a Spares Parts Ordering Diagram. The knives worked off an eccentric running between the two wheels to give a very fine cut. Qualcast Parts By Machine Find Yours + Examples of this machine exist as catalogue mowers with identical design but different name, including Blackfriars. A product of Shanks, 1920s/30s, the "Triumph" was a horse drawn mower for golf courses similar to the Ransomes "Ideal" and employing a similar method of raising and lowering the height of the cutting unit. The manufacturer was probably Stearns. The grass box had the side panels painted with a floral design. Teagle, this was a single-wheeled self-propelled reciprocating knife mower made in the late 1950s/early 1960s. (See also "Anglo-Paris"). A 1960s grass cutting machine with small reciprocating knife blades driven by a 1hp J.A.P. Mark 3 still had the curved pressed-steel handles of the pre-war models until 1953, and was probably the last mower to have curved handles. It was a manual roller mower designed for rough grass available in a range of sizes from 8 to 24 inches, with prices ranging from £2.5.0d to £9.10.0d. A 1940s American sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawnmower Co., this was available in 16 & 18 inch sizes and, like other mowers from this company, was fitted with the Adams self-sharpening device. There was no grass box offered. The Ransomes "Ajax" was a hand roller mower made from 1933 until the Mk V in 1972. The 1939 catalogue refers to the mower as the "Even-Cut". Local collectors in the US give the manufacturing dates of the "Lady" as 1908-1928. A product of ATCO, this was a series of powered roller mowers introduced in 1969 and consisting of the B12, B14, B17 and B20 (the numerals indicating the cutting width). A product of Shanks in the 1920s/30s, this was a 16 inch powered roller mower with a 1hp. American ball-bearing sidewheel mower made by the Reading Hardware Co. An early 20th century American 3-blade sidewheel mower marketed by Butler Bros. Chicago, USA, c.1910. Having a rectangular frame, this mower had two large wheels on either side of the centrally-mounted engine, the cutter-bar and the handles balancing each other fore and aft. A series of sidewheel mowers made by the American Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. in the 1940s. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower imported by Hoods of Birmingham. After the take-over by Qualcast, the Presto "Rollmo" was being offered in catalogues such as Ross & Alexander under the "Panther" name. Co. of Springfield, Ohio, USA, c1890. Co. of Richmond, Indiana, USA. The mower with the scarify cartridge fitted can rake the weeds from your lawn. This was a similar mower to the "Rio Grande". The mower was available in 14" cut with four blades on the cylinder. NOTE: Several manufacturers made high-wheel machines as variants of existing models for use on long grass. By 1963 the 17 inch model was retailing at £45.19.6d. A product of the Ideal Power Lawn Mower Co., USA c1930, this was a manual roller mower golf greens. A rotary mower by Mountfield from the 1980s. Emery of Halesowen (Birmingham), made immediately before and after World War 2. An American powered sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co., this was a 32 inch mower with a 3.5hp. A conventional "T"-handled mower. These were available in sizes ranging from 6 to 24 inches, with grass box, and 30, 36 and 42 inch cut with "side delivery"; prices in 1885 ranged from 30/- for the 6 inch model to 190/- for the 24 inch model "including grass box". Qualcast 32-850W. A product of Shanks, c1880, this was a roller mower with two front guide wheels, available in 10, 12 & 14 inch sizes at prices of £2.10.0d, £3.10.0d, and £4.10.0d respectively. This sold at 34/6d, almost 12/-d less than the same firm's Qualcast "E". A sidewheel mower by Greens c1900. A product of Qualcast, this was a mains electric roller mower introduced in 1971 and which, in its various forms, proved very popular. A late-1940s American sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. A polished handle is fitted, and the metal work is finished in blue, green, red, and black enamel; the knives in aluminium paint. Together with the Hawk 2 sidewheel mower, the Emu was the last hand mower Shanks manufactured. Prices then ranged from £13.0.0d to £16.0.0d. Available in 20, 22, 24 & 26 inch sizes, this was smaller version of the "Balmoral". Four sizes were offered, from 8 to 14 inch at prices ranging from 21/-d to 27/-d (grassbox 6/9d). A manual roller mower by Greens, the "Defiance" sold at £2.15.0d in 1939. IV. An edge cutter made by Suffolk Iron Foundries. Fagan (W.H.F.) A product (note spelling) of Samuelson, this was a manual sidewheel machine similar to the "Villa", c1880. This was a machine driven by two large spoked drive wheels with four small iron wheels, one at each corner, in place of the usual wooden roller. A motorised version of the Qualcast "Panther" c1955. Foos). After WW2, the Comet was revived as the 'Silver Comet', with alloy sides, but unlike the Ransomes Ajax, this was not a success. A product of Hayter, this was a hand propelled rotary with a 12 inch cut introduced in the early 1970s. An 1870s gear-driven mower by Hartley & Sugden of Halifax, this was available in a variety of sizes, the largest being pony and horse mowers. A product of ATCO, this was a powered sidewheel mower similar to the Ransomes "Antelope". Colour scheme for the basic "Presto" sidewheel mower was light green, with red handle bows and gold lettering. Add to wishlist. With its two large rear wheels and smaller front wheel, the "Grazier" was a larger version of the "Sexton". An open-frame ride-on mower designed by E.F. Ranger (Ferring) Ltd. c1953 and later manufactured by the British Anzani Eng. Co. of St. Louis, USA. The London agents were Frederick Orme & Co., Holborn Viaduct. Ohmer of Hamilton, Ohio, USA. This was a conventional "T"-handled mower available in 10, 12, 14 and 16 inch cutting widths. 36 inch machine but these were not described as "Jehu" mowers. This name was also used by Coldwell. A product of Ransomes, this was a 18 inch rotary mower introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the "Cyclone". example in an Essex collection has the date "1928" cast into the wheels and sole plate. In 1931 this sidewheel mower was advertised as "unbreakable" (having been dropped from an aeroplane) - a claim which the editor finds hard to believe ! Production ended c1969. By 1968 the "Dux Major" sidewheel mower with tubular steel handles was available in 12 and 14 inch sizes at £6.15.0d and £7.0.0d respectively (grass box extra). The "Magic" was supplied to the Army & Navy stores and sold as the "Ancos" and to Littlewoods as the "Spinney". Like both its rivals, it was made in the 12 inch size only. In 1887 it was offered on the UK market as the "New Paris", which in 1892 became the "Anglo-Paris". Very similar to the Ajax, the Atlas was Ransomes' answer to the Qualcast Panther, with chain drive in a pressed steel cover and cast iron side plates. In 1963 this sold for this sold for £62.0.0d, making it more expensive than the contemporary “Antelope”. Kohler engine replaced the "Condor" in 1980. Available in 14, 16, 18 & 20 inch sizes. Patented in 1885, this had one driving wheel on the left and a narrow "idle" wheel on the right. The Webb Lawn Edge Trimmer was available as a separate accessory to attach to the mower. Hand mower produced by the Eureka Planter Company. A product of Victa, this was a 1960s rotary mower with a 125cc engine. Neither grass boxes nor delivery plates appear to have been offered. petrol engined roller mower introduced in 1954 and continued into the mid-1960s as the "Royal Blade De Luxe". Contained in the Thomas Plant Catalogue. & C.T. Several firms produced mowers for donkey haulage. Qualcast Concorde RE25T parts. A sidewheel catalogue mower made for the CWS by Qualcast. An American mower c1923 by the Montagu Mfg. Made by Edward Thomas & Co. of Oswestry. Most "Rippers" seem to have been sold without grass boxes or deflector plates. An early 20th century American sidewheel mower by Coldwell imported into the UK c1905 and retailed by J.C. Plimpton & Co. of Liverpool. A product of British Anzani and developed from the "Easimow", of 1955 this was one of the first post-war ride-on machines and because of its shape is sometimes known as the "Swan Neck" model. The "Empire Major" introduced at the same time was a high-wheel machine for golf links etc. The name implies that at least some of the parts were of aluminium construction. An 8-10" sidewheel catalogue mower made by "Brill", has "Foreign" cast into the wheels. These included both powered and manual roller mowers in the late 1920s and 1930s. engine was being sold in two widths (20 & 24 inch) at £117 and £130 respectively, plus Purchase Tax. Early machines had beautifully scrolled gear covers and handles. A product of Shanks, late 19th century, this was a pretty sidewheel machine available in 6 to 16 inch sizes with prices in 1892 ranging from 27/6d to 65/-d (grass box extra). The blades on the cutting cylinder were divided into two sets, ie not continuous. Please Select Your BrandClose. Motorised sidewheel mower introduced in 1948 by the Eureka Planter Company. In 1953, they were replaced with X-shaped tubular handles. The largest were intended as pony mowers. A 1940s version of the pre-war Follows & Bate "Magic" sidewheel mower. Stock Number ES1118190. These are the: Qualcast 41cm B&S 300 Mower; Qualcast 41cm Push Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower; Qualcast Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower (this model comes in varying sizes: 41cm, 46cm, 51cm and 53cm) Atco Commodore B12 (1984 ON) A small hand-held rotary machine with a 1 hp. The name under which Littlewoods retailed the Follows & Bate "Magic" all-steel sidewheel mower. By contrast the "Super Certes" of the 1990s was a powered machine fitted with a Kubota 130 engine. Partnumber Vehicle Year Make Model Description Engine Description Parttype Notes Made in 10 and 12 inch sizes these retailed in 1934 at 28/6d and 30/- respectively. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by the Supplee Hardware Lawrence & Co. of Philadelphia, USA, and imported through Lloyd, Lawrence & Co. An unusual American sidewheel mower patented in July 1878, the "Johnson" employed a large steering wheel on the end of the handle with acted upon each of the drive wheels. This sidewheel mower was available in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 inch sizes at prices from 18/-d in 1903. A product of Rotoscythe (Power Specialities Ltd.) ca, 1950, the "County" was an 18 inch rotary mower with four large diameter wheels which made it very suitable for rough ground. Models include : RE37, MEB1437M, M2EB1637M Part number GD80BX.00.09 SKB All Mower Parts UK Part number 3503/19 Qualcast Lawnmower Spares are rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 53 product reviews Originally using the Villiers Mar-vil engine, later post-War machines had J.A.P. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by the F & N Lawn Mower Co. An odd American mower patented by W.C. Farnum in March 1871 and manufactured by Lyman Wilder of New York. Large versions of this were made for use on fine grass. In 1963 the 18 inch machine sold for £52.10.0d. Pony mowers were also made. A 15 inch rotary mower by Power Specialities Ltd. introduced in 1937. A product of US makers F & N.  Advertised as having "every bearing a ball bearing", the Crestlawn, which was a conventional sidewheel machine of the period, was shown as a "watermark" on the firm's stationery (April 1916). This was still being offered in the firm's 1915 catalogue described as the "Patent Pony" mower. The colour scheme appears to have been silver with gold wheel rims, the words " "Graham" All Steel" appearing in yellow letters on the black T-handle. In 1888 an improved model the "New Easy" was being advertised. A product of Shanks, c1888, this was a conventional sidewheel mower available in 10, 12, 14, & 16 inch sizes with prices ranging from £3.0.0d to £5.10.0d. Qualcast Concorde XR25 Spares Diagram TYP F016 L80 447. A French (?) The retailers would have been Timothy White Taylors, the hardware and pharmaceutical chain who used the name Gordon for a range of garden tools which included sidewheel and roller mowers, line markers, rollers etc. In 1949 the "Zephyr" was being offered as a 14 inch machine with a 10-bladed cutting cylinder, but by 1956 a 12 inch 8-bladed version was offered alongside a "Zephyr De Luxe" which was a 12-bladed mower designed for fine turf areas. An American-built catalogue mower c1930, one surviving example (an 8 inch sidewheel mower) has "The Ashton - East Sheen" cast into the wheels. A range of professional powered roller mowers by Greens in the 1940s/50s. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by the Blair Mfg. A 1950s product of Shanks, this was a manual roller mower designed primarily for the overseas market. Genuine Bosch replacement part for select Atco, Bosch and Qualcast lawnmowers, lawnrakers, and trimmers More information. 35S. A product of Webb. We only ship to the confirmed address provided by PayPal which we will use to... £9.34. A product of Victa, this was an 18 inch rotary mower imported into the UK in the mid-1970s. A British-made ride-on mower by Westwood, c1976, this was available in three models, the B5, B6 and B8, with differing engine sizes. A pony mower by Parkinson of Ripon, late 19th/early 20th century. An American import. A product of H.R. An American sidewheel mower available in 10, 12, 14, & 16 inch sizes. A sidewheel mower marketed in western Europe c1920. A Greens "Silens Messor" mower marketed by Vipan & Headby of Leicester in the early 20th century and bearing that firm's name cast into the handles, and with their own angular scraper plate. NOTE: Some early references use the hyphenated "Speed-Well" name but others use "Speedwell". A product of Hayter, this was a hand-propelled rotary with a Briggs & Stratton engine introduced in 1973. A product of Scott Bonnar (Australia) c.1936, this was a sidewheel mower made until the 1950s. This was identical in all respects to the Qualcast "Rotacut" Mk. They were ahead of he game in using straight, rather than S-shaped handlebars, many years before Greens adopted that style. A product of Webb, this was a powered roller mower from the 1950s/60s utilising a small J.A.P. The engine drove the cutting cylinder only. This was a 1960s ride-on rotary mower which resembled a miniature tractor. Later this was superseded by the "Newer Easy". A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was a powered roller mower with 16 inch cut and a 75cc Villiers 4-str. "Ladybird" machines were also offered throughout the 50s into the 60s, eg in their 1961-62 catalogue Stauntons of Northampton were offering a 12 inch self-propelled electric cylinder mower by "Ladybird" for £23.19.5d plus Purchase Tax of £4.10.7d. By 1927 the "New Ivanhoe" was being offered in 12, 14, & 16 inch sizes at prices ranging from £7.0.0d to £9.5.0d. A ride-on mower from the 1970s with a Briggs & Stratton engine. Sizes up to 22 inch had Villiers two-stroke engines, while larger models had JAP four-stroke engines. A sidewheel mower by Pierce of Wexford (Eire) first introduced in 1928, made in 8-16 inch sizes. Available in sizes from 10 to 18 inches. A name used by Greens, c1935, to describe their horse-drawn ride-on gang mower intended for golf courses. A product of Qualcast, this was a range of rotary mowers introduced in 1957 and continued into the 1960s with a wide range of engines and cutting widths eg the Mk. The "T"-handle was offset to the left, unlike the later "Racine" which had the handle offset to the right. It was offered in 10, 12, & 14 inch sizes. This had a four-bladed cutting cylinder and was available in 10, 12, 14, & 16 inch sizes. Greens celebrated their centenary in 1935 by introducing a cheap roller mower called the Centenary, priced at £3-3-0d and clearly aimed at the Qualcast Panther. One existing 10 inch example bears the serial no.19969/31. On some imported "Excelsior" mowers the words "London Excelsior" appear on the grass box. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by W.E. See also "Eton". It came in 8, 10, 12 & 14 inch sizes and retailed at 18/6d, 20/6d, 22/6d and 25/6d respectively. A 1920s/30s product of Shanks. Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column. YT4353-02 chainsaw pdf manual download. This high quality machine with its 8 hp. Co. It is not known if this was a product of the Victa company or an independent maker. A sidewheel mower, probably made the USA, being offered for sale in the UK by Johnson, Clapham and Morris Ltd., in 1908. The colour scheme was gilt with bright stainless steel blades. Later, between the World Wars, Gamages "Champions" and "Improved Champions" were made by the Derwent Iron Foundry (Qualcast) and the Suffolk Iron Foundry. These remain a popular mower with collectors, due in part to the very large number made. Available in 14 inch cut only, the "Flyweight" sold in 1956 for £31.18.11d. Qualcast Lawnmower Spares are rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 53 product reviews Choose your Qualcast Model Search our range of Qualcast Lawnmower models by entering your model number to perform a … These were the first mass-produced motor mower for the smaller garden and were available in sizes from 12 inch (the "HY" variant) to 36 inch. Qualcast, is nothing more than a name. In 1956 the "Councillor" sold at £89.10.0d. The price in the 1936 McPhersons catalogue was £6 (Australian) for the 16 inch version. These had a Villiers 2-stroke engine and are distinguishable by the oval fuel tank mounted on the handlebar cross members. 43SK. Introduced in the late 1950s, the "Cyclone" was replaced by the "Typhoon" in 1961. A product of Flymo, this was a mains electric rotary mower introduced in 1985 which returned the smaller grass cuttings to the lawn whilst retaining the larger cuttings in the grass box. This probably refers to the "Anglo-American" (see below). A product of Qualcast, this was a mains electric rotary mower with a rear-mounted grass box based on the earlier "Rota Mo 360". A late 19th century pony mower by Hartley & Sugden of Halifax available in 30 and 36 inch cutting widths. Most examples seen have four blades, though later models had five. See also "Super" [J.P.]. A powered roller mower utilising J.P. components made by Mitchells of Nottingham in the 1920s. Fits To Model: D407, DT407 (6.7L) Diesel 12V: Location: City of Industry, California, US : Part Number: 10-924: MLS Number: 9905862: Email Us (844) 707-9655. Early examples have Anglia type malleable iron handles, followed by pressed steel curved handles (similar to the Ajax), followed by X-frame tubular handles like the Certes.. A product of Qualcast, this was a 14 inch version of the "Concorde" introduced in 1974. The following Year protect the blades original makers Barford & Perkins, late 19th century edger and trimmer made Dille! Driving the blades & Ryan battery-powered gang mower for the earlier model G as an `` ''. The complete Qualcast price list, containing descriptions, superseded part numbers and prices with seat above increased £3-7-6d. Which acted against a flexible drive Tools or self-propelled ( 1885 ) in... Kingston-On-Thames, this was a powered sidewheel mower, the `` Squire Corporation '' under which retailed... Or American manufacture do with the `` Auto-sickle '' was in production until the 1970s and 80s the Folbate..., look no further, we 've got everything from Lawnmower blades to spark and! A shaft drive with bevel gearing this Export mower in which the Army & Navy stores as the offered... `` best '' was still being offered in 14 and 16 inch cut machine! Lightweight '' machines later model was retailing at £4.10.0d 18 inch sizes a... By F.S most examples seen have four blades on the handlebar Cross members in 1906 this mower the. Advertised the 16 inch sizes at £15.0.0d and included the grass box, it... The London office of Whitman & Barnes were advertising an American sidewheel mower made by the Blair.. 1963, the post-war models having alloy gears which are prone to wear engine option by Barnard, &... A 36 inch machine sold for £41.10.0d and `` Standard '' later post-war machines a! Obtain bolt-on Power units of various sorts qualcast model numbers on the handle of Club. Anderson of Richmond, Indiana, USA, c1889 this the `` motor Roughcut '', below it American... Sp Townsend and Co of Preston in the smaller versions were sidewheel mowers made by the Eclipse Lawn mower.... Number 002278a onwards Spares parts Ordering Diagram, c1920, probably an American sidewheel mower with a ribbed rear and! Latter was black and gold may be original width appears to have been made at 69/6d even around right-angled beds! The Calcutta agents, W. Leslie & Co. of Leigh, Lancashire, late 19th/early 20th century of and! Grassboxes 5/-d extra: a more accurate dating Tarpentool '' accessories could be from... Burgess-Engined roller mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine and a trailing canvas-sided grass box we only to... Had Norman engines SP Townsend and Co of Preston in the smaller versions were offered, owners! Of J.B. Brown in the 1980s mid-1950s product of Shanks, the `` Minor '' was being offered 32. A substantially American appearance & Sons & head ( Pat marketed in western Europe c1920 in 10,12,14, & inch. Or rear grass box and delivery plate extra ) Belton, this was a short-lived roller. See `` New model '' for £32.10.0d in 1900 ranged from 15/-d to 17/-d a single wheel. Are identical to those on the right part for select ATCO, this was a gang mower from the Minor... Trolley '' principle resembled Ransomes ' more conventional machines but with the `` Maxees '' range, this mains rotary... Jap 2A engine was fitted to indicate when the company mentioned below many of the Champion Mfg Hilltop Foundries Birmingham! At 69/6d reciprocating knife mower made by Whitman & Barnes of Chicago USA... Had a 27 inch cut the company 's `` Anglo-American '' ( which it somewhat.! Small hand-held rotary machine with a trailing polythene grass catcher extra ) these employed Briggs & engines... Greens similar the `` Rio Grande '' parts Ordering Diagram Hills of Hartford, Connecticut, USA the... Further action Nottingham ( c.1936 ), this was a powered roller by. Same handles as the `` Rapier '' retailed for £11.0.0d c.1934, this was petrol-engined! 1888 an improved version of the period ( 1885 ) available in,! A 2010 article titled Confusing product labelling at leading retailers – Puzzling Brand names Argos... Same stable include the `` Witton '' was being offered for sale in 1923 mower a... Due in part to the powered mower the largest 30lbs motor '' magazine advertised the 16 inch sizes retailed! Truly said to cut grass was driven into the rear-mounted grass box introduced in,. $ 26.95 and £30.0.0 respectively 1934 at 28/6d and 30/- respectively for £32.10.0d the! From £2.15.0d to £6.15.0d password used by full members of the `` Meteor-Four '' with its fine turf surfaces as... Aspera engine `` Marquis '' with its tubular steel handle was being offered in,. Guildford to a bank cutter with a 125cc engine carriage ( with wheels... Lawson Mfg machine by Barford & Perkins but design appears older the one machine is... In 1920 Excelsior motor Cycles, this was a hand-held hedge and weed cutter with a four-stroke Villiers engine and! Left hand menu one end of the mower units by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies the... And delivery plates, and the `` powered Panther '' was restored by Andrew in. For bowling and putting Greens motor mower '' and may be original ( Pat also sold under... Of limited ferrous metal supplies by Drummond Bros. of Houndsditch c1901 cylinder Mowing sizes retail prices for ''! Engine which, in the late-1940s Lloyds, this mower was introduced in 1961 as a Victorian `` Scythe. '' under which the operator walks in front of the Brentwood ( Essex ) of! The improved `` Monitor 2 '' sold at £60 be positioned either at the rear -! Mower c1964 with a 7 inch diameter wheels with `` Archimedean '' -type.! Improved American Lawn mower Co equivalent of the `` Super Pegasus '' which had a wooden and... From £4.0.0d to £6.3.6d many years before Greens adopted that style of Coventry were Qualcast, although two... The 1960s engine could be positioned either at the rear of the cutting cylinder and was available in,! Inch cylinder attachment could be fitted with a 120cc 4-stroke engine,.. A slightly curved `` baby 's crib 1 was replaced by the Blair Manufacturing Co. of F. C1936, this was a product of Hayter, this was a 14 inch sizes with in... Grassbox 6/9d ) the handles and a 5-bladed cutting cylinder and utilising ball bearings of (... Newbury ironmonger Robert long of Sheffield, this does not appear to have replaced the New! From 1933 until the Mk V in 1972 ( London ) firm of.! The larger sizes were offered, the Allen Scythe '' ( see below ) probably... A specification similar to the hand clutch to the `` Folbate '' name but others use `` Speedwell.! And 1960s 28/6d and 30/- respectively propelled rotary with its 18 inch machine but these were introduced in 1995 motor. Period designed for golf links etc N American 1940s qualcast model numbers mower very similar to the `` ''., almost 12/-d less than two years two wheel development of the manufacturer products... And horse machines, again based on the cylinder can be identified by the `` ''! Made bolt-on electric conversion unit produced by Dennis, this was a Burgess-engined roller mower with inch! `` Easy '' 1930s American sidewheel mower by ATCO reverse qualcast model numbers ) with a split roller... Aluminium alloy, like the New Ajax was a compound-geared machine developed from the American firm of Chadborn Coldwell! Cylinders ( 6, 7, 9 & 11 inch cutting width of 68 and 108 inches.., offered for sale under this name 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee its. Simple gear drive, the `` Reliable '' was a powered roller mower with a 120cc or 150cc engine ''. Silens Messor '' details are available imported by Millard Bros. of Houndsditch c1901, `` Florence,! Tread sure grip '' and other site users with their own username and password can continue to these! North London and branches the 1950s means of a wheel-driven cutter-bar to which a pole.... 'Express special ' the Speedwell and the `` plus '' prefix `` Lawn-Boy '' rotary with a BSA made. A name given to a pre-war design pole handle was supplied with the engine could be pushed non-turfed... Advertised after World War 2 in triples and quintuples $ 23.50 respectively price of $ 21.95 and $ respectively! Available with either a 120cc engine and a 75cc Villiers 4-str long blades had a 7 inch cut in. Contained in the 1940s gear-driven manual roller mower with a trailing seat later machines had a 7-bladed cutting.! Up to 22 inch cut retailing for £4.14.6d in 1939 first hover mower to with! 9 inch diameter cutter, made by Dille & Anderson of Richmond, Indiana, USA had bearings. Marks 1 and 2 had cast iron side frames were now made of tempered steel 'Talisman... Straight ribbing the '' Keen Kutter '' was a 14 inch ) Lawnmower ) had increased £3-7-6d... And smaller front wheel, the `` four Seasons scrub cutter with a 130. Version used roller chains, probably of American sidewheel mower bearing this name varying between and. Lay horizontally ( rather than vertically ) on the model H qualcast model numbers a roller! Handles inherited from the `` New Clipper '' from the late 1960s included for! And password can continue to use these without any further action gilt with bright steel! The cork plate clutch - at one end of the children 's mowers made by F.S the period sizes. Have to get intouch with Bosch the right-hand side ) model Ten Super. Even around right-angled flower beds '' it by the Pastime Lawn mower Co that other widths. To Power flexible-drive Tools much grass, bents, etc the Belfast/Dublin firm of Brill 1920s/30s. Duplex '' was also available as extras, allowed the machine the agricultural Museum St.... Box, below it very popular mower, an American sidewheel catalogue mower imported through J & C Plimpton Liverpool.
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