At this time, virtual class visits are not available, nor are overnight visits in a residence hall. Meeting Times: Tu./Th. With undergraduate and graduate programs, research and scholarly activities and community engagement, we create career-ready engineers and award over 1,200 bachelor’s degrees and over 130 master’s degrees each year. An admissions representative will be contacting you shortly to help you begin your journey to success. Placement: Students normally take ECON 051 PO first, followed by ECON 052 PO . Open to beginners and advanced students. Instructor: Various A Pomona College-Cambridge University Downing Scholar will also join the class. The summer book is Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler and will soon be made available to all entering first-year and transfer students. If it weren’t for the flexibility and spirit of exploration built into the values of Pomona, I wouldn’t be here today as a first-year student. We offer a broad range of courses designed to serve the aspirations of a diverse group of economics majors, as well as the intellectual purposes of the broader student body. ... “I gave my first gift to Pomona as a first-year. Name Change We are very committed to working Read More New students are not being enrolled in Level II music lessons but will be placed in either Music 10 or Music 15. Search the course catalog for Pomona College in Claremont, California. I attended a Pomona reunion that was transformative. The student must write to admissions before March 1 prior to their deferred entry, reconfirming the intention to enroll for the fall semester. The college was one of the three founding members of SCIAC in 1914, and its football team played in the inaugural game at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1923, losing to the University of Southern California Trojans. I also give because of the generous financial aid I receive.”. Walking into a college class for the first time may seem a bit intimidating. Contact Ms. Catlin prior to first class meeting if you have not previously enrolled in MUS 371st class mtg: Th. Mo./We. The review process can include, but is not limited to: During the review process a student can expect: Examples of academic or integrity issue that could merit an investigation or rescission process include but are not limited to: All decisions that are reconsidered and decided upon by the Admissions Committee under these circumstances are final and not subject to appeal. By Chris Meng ‘23 Pomona College has all the amazing perks of a small school without sacrificing the overwhelming variety of resources of a bigger college. Meeting Times: spring only, Introduction to West African percussion, singing, and dance, with an emphasis on Ghanaian Anlo-Ewe techniques and styles; no previous experience required, Instructor: Nani Agbeli GE Area: GE 6 Your first year is for exploring the offerings of Pomona while also fulfilling General Education requirements while also sharpening basic skills (i.e., … Please enable Javascript for full functionality. The final evaluation of credits granted for work taken at other institutions is determined by the Academic Procedures Committee after the candidate has been admitted. 4:15–5:45 p.m. Each student will be treated as an individual whose unique story will be heard and genuinely considered by the Committee. GE Area: GE 6 Expands and refines engagement with composed music throughout history, from plainchant and Palestrina to present-day artists from the classical and popular music worlds. Students enrolled in early college or dual-enrollment programs are not usually eligible for admission to transfer standing because they have not yet graduated from high school. In addition to her role as the Junior Class President, she is also President of the Pomona College Black Student Union, Founder and President of the Black Alliance of Pre-health Students (BAPS) and Co-creator of the first collaborative weekend festival between Pitzer and Pomona in Spring 2020 known as ONOXNOCHELLA. Financial need does not affect admissions decisions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents or for students graduating from a high school in the United States. 7:55–8:45 a.m. or Mo/We 11–11:50 a.m. Introduction to keyboard basics and notation. Holistic engagement with the techniques, practices, and traditions of orchestral music. Admission to Pomona College. This communication will include information about how the student has spent the gap year and plans for the remainder of the year. Beginning in late August, interested students may submit an online request for an alumni interview in their area. Develops skills of close and critical listening. There are single rooms available for first-year students, if preferred. Students are the strength of Cal Poly Pomona Architecture (CPP/ARC). An International Applicant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage is available in the Admissions section of the Pomona College website. For those who elect to self-report them, test scores will be reviewed holistically, in the context of other application materials and indicators of academic ability and promise, and an official score report will be required upon admission. Examines ethnomusicology (the cultural study of music) as a changing and vital discipline. Contact Prof. Di Grazia if you have not previously enrolled in MUS 311st class mtg: Th. Pomona College is committed to the provision of competitive opportunities through intercollegiate, club and intramural sports programs and to developmental opportunities through instructional and recreational activities. GE Area: GE 6 8/27, Advanced chamber choir that explores repertoire spanning the 16th century to the present written specifically for small ensemble; annual tour each May, including sometimes internationally, Instructor: Donna M. Di Grazia Every class at Pomona creates its own class banner. 6:45–8:10 p.m. Students at other colleges who are not interested in pursuing a Pomona degree, but who wish to attend Pomona for a semester or a year, may do so by completing Pomona’s Visiting Student Application, found on the Admissions section of Pomona College’s website. By Myles Ashitey ‘22. The deadline for Early Decision II is January 8; candidates are notified of their decisions by mid-February. Instructor: Aron Kallay If the student intends to apply for financial aid from Pomona College for the academic year of enrollment, the student must contact the Office of Financial Aid by Jan. 1 prior to their deferred entry regarding required financial aid forms. No previous experience required. Instructor: Gibb Schreffler The development of a student body rich in talent and broad in its diversities must be intentional and energetic. Students who are unsure whether Pomona is their first choice should apply under the Regular Decision plan. All ensembles are half-credit courses and graded P/NC, Online version. Cumulative (quarter) credit. Financial aid for foreign students is limited, although every admitted student applying for financial aid at the time they submit their application will receive 100% of their demonstrated need. Critical Inquiry seminars are required for first-year students in their first semester at the College. The strength of the high school program, the record of academic aptitude and achievement and school recommendations are very important, as is the propensity to engage fully with peers and faculty. Eight students were admitted in a previous year and deferred enrollment until this year. Standardized Test Scores. History and Literature; Ethnomusicology Music 51 - Engaging Music Expands and refines engagement with composed music throughout history, from plainchant and Palestrina to present-day artists from the classical and popular music worlds. All transfer students must spend a minimum of four semesters in full-time regular standing at Pomona in order to receive the B.A. GE Area: GE 6 Application Instructions for First-Year Candidates, Application Instructions for Transfer Candidates, Instructions for Candidates Accepting Admission, NACAC Request for Transfer Admission Application Fee Waiver, Degree Requirements & Academic Regulations, Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™). As the best preparation for Pomona’s curriculum, we recommend four years of English, three years of a foreign language, four years of natural science (two of which should be lab science) and at least two years of social science (three are recommended). A decline in achievement in an academic course from A in 7, A decline in achievement in an academic course from B in 7. Pomona attracts more qualified candidates than it can enroll, making it impossible to state a minimum record that will ensure admission. Availability may be limited for some instruments. Pomona College accepts the Common Application and the Coalition Application, both of which are available online. Working as a caller for the Annual Fund, I knew participation was key to the success of the program. Students will be required to take the Level II  Qualifying Exam when it is next offered. Each student who fails to meet the academic and integrity standards outlined in their offer of admission will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Candidates for first-year admission will be notified of the Admissions Committee’s decisions by April 1. Search the course catalog for Pomona College in Claremont, California. An Early Decision applicant must submit all of the materials described in the section Application Instructions for First-Year Candidates, indicate Early Decision on the application form and sign the Early Decision agreement. Onetta Brooks '74, past president of the Alumni Association Board. In evaluating transfer applications, the Admissions Committee places considerable weight on the nature and quality of the previous college record. Applications and all supporting materials must be submitted by Feb.15, excepting the Mid-Year Report, which is due March 1. Meeting Times: Mo./We./Fr. We will review all final transcripts and ask that you have your school forward transcripts at the end of each grading period and send a final transcript confirming your graduation and good standing at the end of the school year.”. Two additional musicianship sessions per week. ), Instructor: Barb Catlin Institutions such as Pomona College should prepare their graduates to lead lives of creative leadership and exemplary service. For the past two cycles, Pomona has not posted its acceptance rate until the Common Data Set is released after the first-year class … Students who have unusual academic backgrounds should consult the Office of Admissions about submitting other evidence of their readiness to undertake college work. Introduction to the Balinese gong kebyar gamelan ensemble and its related performance traditions. Cumulative (quarter) credit. Must Students Audition? - No; contact Prof. Joti Rockwell to express interest, Introduction to Afro-Cuban drumming with an emphasis on the music of the polytheistic tradition known as Santería; no previous experience required, Instructor: Joseph Addington (909) 621-8000, Part of the This may allow them to resolve their college choice earlier in the senior year. Focus on the development of ethnomusicological discourse, highlighting its major trends, core ideas, and dilemmas. Learn More. In place of on-campus programming, virtual information sessions are regularly offered for interested students, parents and counselors, Monday-Friday. The candidate is admitted and is expected to enroll. Working as a caller for the Annual Fund, I knew participation was key to the success of the program. January 8 is the regular decision deadline and the deadline for all credentials other than senior- year midterm grades. ... “I gave my first gift to Pomona as a first-year. Additionally, a PDF of our international student information sheet is available by request. Open to all students; required for music majors; recommended for potential music majors and minors. (See fuller course description on the portal. Anyone interested in preparing for Pomona, or any school official who directs preparatory programs, is invited to contact the Office of Admissions for advice on specific programs and admissions procedures. This is essential to the creation of a lively and stimulating educational environment that will prepare graduates for life in a changing world. Students offered admission under Regular or Early Decision may request to defer their enrollment. 2:30–3:45 p.m. 2:45–3:45 p.m. Due to extraordinary circumstances, Qualifying Examinations for Level II lessons are not being held. For that reason, the Board of Trustees believes the College’s student body should be drawn from a pool composed of the most intellectually capable and academically committed college-bound students in the nation. A conversation with teachers or college counselors at the student’s high school or university. Claremont, CA 91711 Attention: See the latest on Pomona College’s spring planning. GE Area: GE 6 P/NC only. Meeting Times: Mo./We./Fr. 6:30–8:30 p.m. To be provided with the email and office phone number of a senior admissions officer in order to keep the lines of communication between the Admissions Office and the student free and open. Consultation with the Vice President and Dean of Admissions. Open to all students; required for music majors; recommended for potential music majors and minors. Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Engineering has earned its reputation for being one of the best engineering programs in the country. Additionally, virtual Q&A events with an admission officer or a current student, as well as short video-chat appointments with an admission officer, are offered throughout the week. However, first-year students may skip one or both classes if they perform satisfactorily on the online placement tests. Open to all students. Pomona College accepts the Common Application or the Coalition Application for transfer admission. Candidates typically will have completed a minimum of four or five academic subjects for each term in 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Upon receipt of that information, the dean of admissions will confirm membership in the entering class. The typical approved deferral is for one year, but those requesting more than a one-year deferral for specific reasons (e.g., compulsory military service or faith-based experiences) will be considered (and are typically approved). [4] The application deadlines are the same for students studying in and outside the United States. Meeting Times: Scheduled individually. Students who have completed the junior year of high school may be considered for admission to first-year standing. Course credit is ordinarily transferable if: 1) the prior college is accredited; 2) the course carries a grade of C or better; and 3) the course is comparable to a course offered by Pomona or another Claremont College. Jazz improvisation, composition, and jazz techniques with an emphasis on playing in an online environment. The application is denied. 8/26 or contact Prof. Beeks to express interest, Online version. Topics include attitudes towards cross-cultural musical comparison, the search for universals, insider-outsider epistemologies, definitions of the field and fieldwork, and postcolonial criticism. By Chris Meng ‘23 Pomona College has all the amazing perks of a small school without sacrificing the overwhelming variety of resources of a bigger college. Must Students Audition? The candidate is deferred. An official transcript from each college or university attended, including a statement of good standing or honorable dismissal. GE Area: GE 1 Music Theory Placement test. Associate Dean & Director of Housing and Operations to find a housing option that works best for you. It reminded me that I belong to a community, and I have something to offer that community through my gifts and time and abilities. International students who need financial aid may apply for transfer admission. We advise the public to check our website for the most up-to-date information about the possible resumption of campus tours in 2020-2021. ), Instructor: Donna M. Di Grazia I also give because of the generous financial aid I receive.” ... New and Revised Courses - Not in Fall 2020. If it weren’t for the flexibility and spirit of exploration built into the values of Pomona, I wouldn’t be here today as a first-year student. Instructor: Alfred Cramer You won’t have to wait long to delve into research at Pomona. For further information about Pomona College, you may find contact information and websites for our offices and departments in the Pomona College directory. The College has been coeducational from the beginning, and its student body comprises a roughly equal proportion of men and women. The approximately 45 minute-long, live information session presentations, involving video and audio, offer an overview of the College and its programs, with a chat-box function available throughout the session where a second admissions officer can answer questions. Please contact Frank Bedoya, Sr. Candidates who have previously applied to Pomona College should make that known when contacting the Office of Admissions about transferring or completing their application. Pomona considers an ethnically, economically and geographically diverse student group to be an educational asset, and it actively encourages a mix of ideas, backgrounds and experiences in its student body. Candidates who previously have been enrolled at Pomona must submit an academic plan for graduation. The request of written statements from teachers, counselors, students or other individuals who might be able to assist the Committee in understanding the academic or integrity issue of concern. If providing TOEFL or IELTS scores presents a hardship, please contact the Office of Admissions for possible alternatives. Your friend group at that point is limited to the people you’ve met in your hall, through a club, or during some orientation event that occurred only a … Pomona will offer admission to 745 students who come from 49 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico, and from 45 other countries. This process may be time-consuming, and typically only a preliminary estimate of course transferability is available to the candidate when enrolling at Pomona College. Students interested in pursuing a science major should include in their high school curriculum one year each of courses in physics, chemistry and biology, emphasizing laboratory work and problem solving. That's why we schedule classes based on student availability. Required documents may be submitted electronically or may be mailed to the Office of Admissions. The Admissions Committee considers the rigor of the program and quality of the record, as well as the courses a student has elected to take, given what is offered at the school. ), Instructor: Graydon Beeks Founding era. Under this one-year policy, students may still choose to self-report test scores on their applications. Please see the Transfer Credit Policy in this catalog for further rules regarding credit transfer. GE Area: GE 6 It reminded me that I belong to a community, and I have something to offer that community through my gifts and time and abilities. Failure to list and provide transcripts for all colleges attended will be considered sufficient grounds for requiring withdrawal from Pomona College. Mailing Address: GE Area: GE 1 Pomona offers 59 programs in 34 countries for our students. The College has been coeducational from the beginning, and its student body comprises a roughly equal proportion of men and women. The student-faculty ratio at Pomona College is 8:1, and the school has 69.8% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Contact Prof. Lindholm if you have not previously enrolled in MUS 331st class mtg: Th. Must Students Audition? Financial aid application instructions for Early Decision candidates can be found online under Financial Aid. 4:15–6:30 p.m. 11–12 noon or Posted in Adjusting to College, First-year Experience, Humor, Impact of Coronavirus, Uncategorized Tagged classes, friends, pomona college Unpacking the Princess Packs Posted on December 24, 2020 December 21, 2020 by Oluyemisi Bolonduro Pomona College accepts applications for fall entrance only. Students who apply to Pomona under an Early Decision option may simultaneously apply to other colleges through non-binding, unrestricted admission plans (including Early Action) but may not also apply for Early Decision at other colleges. The re-convening of the Admissions Committee for the purposes of reconsidering a candidate for admission using the new information within the context of our standard holistic review process. (See fuller course description on the portal.) Meeting Times: Tu./Th. Study Abroad. For more information, write, call or email the Office of Admissions, 333 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711; phone: (909) 621-8134; email: Before Pomona made the decision to move most campus functions online amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, admissions decisions were supposed to be released a week ago.
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