Ares | While both Limbani and Klaue packed the axe away, Killmonger noted that whatever they tried the Wakandans would likely turn up to take him into their custody. Ulysses Klaue was an international criminal and underground black-market arms dealer. The Punisher (Season 1) Iron Fist (Season 2) He has a gun on his arm that turns sound into images. Space Phantom | Magus | Thunderbolt Ross | After World War II he moved back to Belgium and later anglicized his name to \"Klaw,\" and raised his son with tales of Wakanda. Realizing that Killmonger was actually N'Jadaka, the claimant for the Wakandan throne, Klaue began laughing at him, having previously thought him nothing more than a deluded American. Klaue closely aiming a suspect with his pistol. The Incredible Hulk Klaue claims to be terrified of cuttlefish. Mysterio | William Ginter Riva | Victoria Snow | Gutes Guterman | Janice Lincoln | Doug Adolf Hitler | Ulysses Klaue's personal S.H.I.E.L.D. Zodiac | Mephisto | Johnny Ohm | Skrulls | Others: Thunderbolt Ross | Winter Soldier | Scarlet Witch Klaue reveals many more of T'Challa's secrets. Purple Man | He gleefully kills multiple people during the heist and reveals what he calls "just a taste" of the power of his prosthetic hand, which he has implanted himself following Ultron's death. Though at some point Klaue received the branded scar with the symbol for 'Thief' as punishment for stealing the vibranium[1], he managed to escape and became a fugitive of Wakanda and the personal target of T'Chaka for many years as he remained on the run. Grant Ward | Loki Laufeyson | Killmonger assures Linda that everything will be fine, but kills her with no hesitation or remorse. Godzilla | Captain America: The Winter Soldier Others: Vice President Rodriguez A.I.M. Avalanche | As he went on, Klaue then noted how Wakanda became rich due to mining the vibranium which gave them incredible technology beyond anything their world had ever seen before. Berserker Army: Hela Odinsdottir | Skurge | Fenris Wolf Using his cover as a paramedic, Klaue followed Killmonger to the Museum of Great Britain where Killmonger poisoned Thomas, waiting for Klaue and Limbani to arrive. He claims to be terrified of cuttlefish, though this may just be part of his taunting Wanda Maximoff. Klaue also hired several bodyguards to accompany him. Klaw (Ulysses Klaue) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. HYDRA | Corruptor | [1], In 1992, Klaue was hired by Prince N'Jobu of the Golden Tribe to go out and steal a small cache of vibranium, as a means to expose Wakanda to the greater world. Kang the Conqueror | Crossfire | Klaw now possess a body composed of solid sonic energy. Thus, it is immune to aging, doesn’t need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. His sound body is greatly resistant to injury, although exposure to vacuum, certain sound frequencies, or attacks of similar sonic energy or of Vibranium can harm him/disrupt his body. Knowing that he had survived, Klaue smiled at T'Challa before he was then taken into the CIA's custody. Warlord Krang | The Pride: Geoffrey Wilder Omega Red | Daniel Whitehall | This 6-inch Ulysses Klaue figure is highly articulated and features a Black Panther movie-inspired design, making it another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends Series. Wonder Man | Steel Serpent | Typhoid Mary | Turk Barrett After a road chase in which the powerful sonic cannon in Klaue's prosthesis temporarily gives him the upper hand, Klaue is eventually taken into Ross's custody. A chaotic firefight ensues, Klaue and his henchmen escape with T'Challa and the others in pursuit. Belgian South African Terminus | Nicky Cavella | In 2016, Klaue and Erik Killmonger teamed up to find vibranium weapons to sell onto the black market. The Avengers Ulysses Klaue is a manipulative, deceitful, greedy and horrifyingly ruthless individual. Spider-Man Revenge Squad | Klaue confirms the axe is indeed vibranium. Klaue orders his men to kill the Avengers, Knowing he stood no chance in a battle with Ultron, Klaue made his escape. Kilgrave | Will Simpson | Dorothy Walker | Audrey Eastman Tyrannus | Avengers: Age of Ultron Putting away his weapon, Klaue then told the guard he would be allowed to go free, but instead Klaue had shot him in the back of the head just while he had tried to flee, telling Killmonger that spreading out the crime scene would help them appear to actually be amateur thieves rather than some professional mercenaries. Yondu Ravager Clan: Yondu Udonta | Kraglin Obfonteri | Tullk | Oblo | Taserface | Gef | Retch | Halfnut | Brahl | Vorker | Narblik | Huhtar A collection of quotes from the black market arms dealer, Ulysses Klaue. Arrogant Weapons Dealer, Black Market Arms DealerBusinessmanSmuggler, WealthResourcesTacticsStrategyThieveryExpertise in assassinationLeadership, Weapons dealingConspiracyTrespassingTheftTerrorismMurderSmugglingVandalismEnslavement. The Hand: Madame Gao Others: Obadiah Stane | J. Jonah Jameson, Television Real Name Nebula | Others: Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Kraglin Obfonteri | Dark Elves | Thunderbolt Ross | Akihiko This movie hero from modern times shares the same qualities as a hero from the Greek times; the stories of heroes use the same concepts, just with different names and settings. Register Start a Wiki. Count Nefaria | Iron Man 3 Loki Laufeyson | The Destroyer Dracula | Selene Gallio | HYDRA: Hive | Grant Ward | Gideon Malick | Kebo | Werner von Strucker | Giyera | Lucio | Hellfire | Alisha Whitley | Primitives Ultron | Serpent Society | Yellow Claw | Doctor Faustus | Hero Mercs: Crossbones HYDRA: Gideon Malick | Jasper Sitwell Loki Laufeyson T'Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past. Others: Justin Hammer Overdrive | Super-Apes | Klaw may refer to: Add a photo to this gallery. With little option, Klaue fired another energy blast at T'Challa, who then absorbed the blast with his Panther Habit and then ripped Klaue's prosthetic arm off. Abominatrix | "The gift". [2], Klaue and his men arrive in Korea for the deal. Trapster | Watchdogs: Felix Blake | Holden Radcliffe | Aida Klaw … With that, Ross thought for a moment before picking up his coffee and walking out of the room, leaving Klaue alone in the interrogation room. When their robbery became public knowledge, Klaue resurfaced back on Wakanda's radar, and due to the vibranium used in the Battle of Sokovia traced back to him, Okoye was given information that Klaue was going to Busan, South Korea to negotiate their deal with his buyer for the vibranium artifact. July 2016 HYDRA/STRIKE: Red Skull | Alexander Pierce | Crossbones | Jasper Sitwell | Jack Rollins He was portrayed by Andy Serkis, who also played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings film franchise, Capricorn in Inkheart, Spike in Flushed Away, Mr. Grin in Stormbreaker and Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Enforcers | Directed by Ryan Coogler. Others: Senator Stern | Anton Vanko High Evolutionary | Dark Elves: Malekith the Accursed | Kurse the Strong Yon-Rogg | Roxxon Corporation: Peter Scarborough | Terrors Moonstone | To replenish his stock, Klaue, armed with a new prosthetic arm, joined forces with Erik Killmonger. Dreadknight | He also dealt with Vibranium stolen from Wakanda, as he had a mark on his neck labeling him as a thief. Intelligencia (formerly) Erik Killmonger | Chitauri | Klaue manages to escape with his life when the Avengers interrupt Ultron's monologuing before engaging into a fight against him and his army of Sentinels. How do you reassemble the Avengers? Man-Ape | Grizzly | Alias(es) A.I.M. Eli Morrow | Holden Radcliffe | Aida | Lucy Bauer Others: Jasper Sitwell Slug | Juggernaut | [1], Klaue successfully executes Director Thomas. Marvel's Avengers: M.O.D.O.K. Superia | Agent Carter (Season 2) | Klaw | Toad | Melter | Dormammu | Sabretooth | Juggernaut | Pyro | Whirlwind | Zzzax | Enchantress | Baron Mordo | Punisher | Egghead | Ringmaster | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Trapster | Mystique | Impossible Man | The Leader | Mad Thinker | Skurge | Crimson Dynamo | Batroc the Leaper | Loki Laufeyson | Magneto | Quicksilver | Scarlet Witch | HYDRA (Red Skull , Arnim Zola & Baron Wolfgang von Strucker) | Galactus | Terrax the Tamer | Firelord | Stardust | Thanos | Kree | Ego the Living Planet | Grandmaster | Annihilus | Nebula | Ronan the Accuser | Nightmare | Ultron | Dark Surfer | Sentinels | Dracula | High Evolutionary Super-Adaptoid | news Jared Leto's Joker And 6 Other Marvel And DC Movie Villains Who Didn't Get Enough Time To Shine news Black Panther’s Letitia Wright Has Hopeful Thoughts About The All-Female Marvel Movie With Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira. While much about Ulysses Klaw for the movie has been kept quiet, we already know that Klaw lost his arm to Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Super-Skrull | Ulysses Klaue was the son of Nazi war criminal Colonel Firtz Klaue. HYDRA: Red Skull | Arnim Zola | Heinz Kruger | HYDRA Lieutenant | Velt Klaw appears in the Marvel Future Avengers episode "Black Panther," voiced by Taketora in the Japanese version and Patrick Seitz in the English dub. Runaways Klaw | The sculpting on the weapon is fine but the dish-shapped piece around the antenna is a softer plastic and on mine is slightly warped. HYDRA: General Hale | Ruby Hale | Qovas | Werner von Strucker | Anton Ivanov | Absorbing Man | Dr. Leopold Fitz Killmonger brings Klaue's body to Wakanda and delivers it to W'Kabi in order to be allowed to enter the country as part of his plan to overthrow T'Challa. Morlun | Growing Man | Batroc | Awesome Android | Goals U-Foes | Kree Empire/Starforce: Supreme Intelligence | Yon-Rogg | Korath the Pursuer | Minn-Erva | Att-lass | Bron-Char | Ronan the Accuser | Soh-Larr 2 Others: Winter Soldier While Klaue managed to escape with the stockpile, he received a brand on his neck from the Wakandans. rosthetic Arm from. Soon becoming restless while he was waiting to be questioned by the CIA agents, Klaue begun teasing T'Challa through the two way mirror, claiming that he could see T'Challa while making kissing noises. Centurion | Fire Demons: Surtur | Fire Dragon D'Spayre | Mayhem | Detective Connors Ulysses Klaue Defenders Villains | He escapes alive but scarred, becoming one of the few people outside of Wakanda who knows the truth of the country's wealth and technological advancement. Klaue hysterically laughs at the destruction, Due to the blast from his prosthetic arm causing money to explode across the casino while also throwing T'Challa down onto a table below, Klaue overlooked the destruction as well as the money falling around, then made a comedic remark about how he had just "made it rain" before hysterically laughing. Species As the interrogation began, Klaue told Ross not to trust the Wakandans, although Ross insisted that he did not trust anybody due to his job before then asking Klaue about his prosthetic arm and where he had gotten it, to which Klaue explained that it was a mining tool which he made some adjustments to, before promising that he could get Ross one if he wanted. : Aldrich Killian | Eric Savin | Trevor Slattery | Ellen Brandt | Sweat Shop Agent | Ponytail Express | Maya Hansen | Extremis Soldiers Thor: Ragnarok Frightful Four | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Equinox | But this relationship quickly sours: Ultron says something Klaue recognizes from Tony Stark and accuses Ultron of being "one of his." Universal Church of Truth | Titanium Man | M.O.D.A.M. Unicorn | Klaue was taken into an old junkyard where their getaway plane was waiting, as he and Erik Killmonger discussed if he always sold to the CIA like he had done with Everett Ross, as Klaue explained he simply sold to the highest bidder. Unable to do anything, Klaue's car dramatically crashed as he was launched into the air and violently smashed down onto the ground. Scorcher | Klaue ordered his own soldiers to kill both the Avengers, Ultron and the Maximoff twins, leading to a battle in which Ultron had escaped with all the Vibranium and Klaue's soldiers were quickly defeated by the combined efforts of the Avengers. Masters of Evil | Morbius the Living Vampire | Hydro-Man | Appearances Daredevil (Season 1) In 2015, while onboard his own ship Churchill at the Salvage Yard, Klaue was on the phone with one of his buyers, threatening him for a poor deal, noting that he did not care about all the man's excuses that he was swindled as Klaue had sent six short range missiles and was not satisfied with the result. Blood Brothers | Black Knight | Carrion | Black Panther is the 18th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that has made $13.5 billion at the global box office over the past 10 years. Fold | In the wake of losing his right arm to Ultron,[1] Klaue had converted a vibranium mining tool from Wakanda into a prosthetic arm. Reavers | During a car chase, he asked his mercenary to put on music, saying "What do you think this is? Jessica Jones Villains | Frost | Skrulls: Talos Thundersword | Captain America: Civil War Fin Fang Foom |, Klaue's Mercenaries † - Subordinates and Right-Hand, Tony Stark/Iron Man † - Former Acquaintance, In the comics, Klaue (also known as Klaw) was once a chemist and a scientist and T'Chaka's killer. Absorbing Man | Jester | Klaue is a nefarious black market arms dealer, smuggler, and gangster who operates out of South Africa. This was one of the reasons he was ultimately betrayed and killed by Erik Killmonger. Thunderbolts | Despite apologizing, Ultron's rage continued as he demanded not to be compared to Stark and kicked Klaue down the stairs. The Punisher (Season 2) He often thought of himself in the highest regard and thought very lowly of everyone else. Ulysses Klaue was a weapons dealer who operated from a high and dry ship in South Africa. Although their attack was unsuccessful, Klaue managed to steal the quarter-ton of the precious metal which was valued at ten thousand dollars per ounce; over two billion dollars' worth. Nothing is known about Klaue's early life other than that he was born in South Africa. X-Ray | Despite been rescued by Killmonger, Klaue was still ultimately betrayed and murdered by Killmonger as a way for him to enter Wakanda and challenge T'Challa for the throne.
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