[getWidget results="6" label="recent" type="list"], [getWidget results="6" label="apparel%20news" type="list"]. He has authored 6 books in the field of garment manufacturing. Established in 1986, Eysan has been an expert for knitted fabrics. How to determine GSM of Woven Fabric from its construction? You want what you’ve paid. Updates and news about all categories will send to you. Get how to guides to resolve issues in apparel production. The dyed fabric is matched to the relevant Pantone reference to decide on whether to accept the prepared fabric lot. Wool herringbone check … Place a piece of the fabric in your fireproof container and ignite one corner. Since then, Eysan has been supplying knitted fabrics to garment factories and well-known sportswear and underwear brands. What is difficult to understand is how a fabric construction that is 80-90% made of viscose, cotton blends (material used to make t-shirts), and an even lesser percentage of cashmere is being called cashmere to begin with. This fabric cover fits a mini 5” X 7” composition notebook and is a fantastic size for kids to write in without getting overwhelmed. Adam-Wool Check-Sage . Use a metal bucket, an old tuna tin or a glass ashtray. Please feel free to send us the sample swatches. Fabrics are made of fibres and these fibres can be either natural or manmade. If the spandex yarn cannot be entirely pulled out, the result will not be accurate. The quality and durability of fabrics are directly affected by the quality of fibers, correct choice of dyes and colorants, and the use of … We have an article that explains how to conduct a burn test: how to identify fabric fiber content by burn test. Ceramic composition and properties, atomic and molecular nature of ceramic materials and their resulting characteristics and performance in industrial applications.. Industrial ceramics are commonly understood to be all industrially used materials that are inorganic, nonmetallic solids. If fabric isn't labeled, it can be difficult to determine its composition based solely on its appearance. A web resource for learning apparel manufacturing. A fabric’s fiber composition is the percentage by weight of each fiber making up that fabric. He is a Textile Engineer and a Postgraduate in Fashion Technology from NIFT, New Delhi. Occasionally, the fabric is quite expensive, so we only take what we need from the swatch. Fabric construction with this description is read as the following: 76 X 68 is read as. How to check the fabric composition of knitted fabrics? 3 Ways to Differentiate Knitted and Woven Fabrics, New Reflective Fabric (No Reflective Material), [News] Tainan City Government Will Lead Fashion Textile Industry to Milan, Fabric Trend Sportswear Spring Summer 2022, Sportswear Color Trends Forecast for Spring/Summer 2022. Garment manufacturers usually check fabric color against preapproved fabric swatches supplied by the customer. Learn More. Separate the yarns … 100% cotton check fabric in a variety of size, colour and textures. The knowledge of identifying the textile fibers helps a producer of garments to identify the type of fiber and the care to be taken in maintaining the fabrics made of a particular type of fiber. Choose from a variety of check fabrics including buffalo check fabric, gingham check fabric as well as small and large checkered fabric choices. Short of taking your fabric to a lab for identification, the fabric burn test is the most dependable way to determine a fabric material of unknown origin. What is Yarn Count for Filament & Staple Yarn? Ltd.All Rights Reserved. We assume that everyone is honest, but you never know, and you want your customer to receive what they’ve paid for as well. Fabric Composition. We only need a small piece of fabric for the test. = 1m + 0.03 m. Pull the fiber from the square piece. Unravel a few threads from one edge of the fabric. Use: Upholstery, curtains/drapes and accessories. The offered range of Cotton Check Shirting Weight Fabric is made by our expert designers from the finest quality raw material as per the latest fashion trends prevailing in the industry. Then put drops of water on the different fabrics and see how water interacts with them. Get all latest content delivered to your email a few times a month. These products are provided in both standard and customized specifications to meet the clients’ requirements. In this article, you will learn the following: A fabric’s fiber composition is the very first thing that you should know to start sourcing fabric. The term fabric can be defined as a planner structure produced by interlaced/interlooped yarns or fibers and felts made by interlocking fibers. They may also shrink when laundered and could lose their colour…. Enjoy reading our free contents. Cut small pieces of each fabric you want to test, such as 2-inch squares. Why is a fabric’s fiber composition so important? 1. Below we will explain the different terms used in our information. Chemical composition testing and analysis of samples, mixtures of substances, or unknown substances through our global laboratory network. Prasanta Sarkar is the founder and editor of Online Clothing Study Blog. You can perform a simple burn test to identify the material makeup of the yarns. Testing the fabric to determine its contents can help you know how to properly launder and care for a garment. Accurate analysis of the chemical composition of a material will provide invaluable information, assisting chemical problem solving, supporting R&D and ensuring the quality of a chemical formulation or product. If you are importing or exporting fabrics or garments, then the tariffs on those imports and exports is greatly affected by the fiber composition. EYSAN FABRICS | Functional Knitted Fabric. Wool check fabric. How to Identify Fabric Fiber Content with a Fabric Burn Test? Other types of yarn can also get stuck by the spandex. Cut a small piece off of the fabric swatch. Where would you even start with a google search? (as we have to go to meter cause EPI is in inches but GSM is in meter unit and 1 meter=39.37 inches ) Length of each 1 meter yarn allowing the crimp % = 1m + 1m x 3% ( Let, warp crimp = 3 %) = 1m + 1m x 0.03. What is the Difference between Polyester and Nylon Fabric? Warp weight calculation : Here , EPI = 92. Although I do appreciate them and their black and white marble existence, I do not think they fit my sense of style and individuality. It will take some time to get the full length of a spandex yarn. The specification is similar to the description mentioned above 76X68 30/30 and 100% Cotton composition. Check fabrics from classic poplin ginghams to bold pinpoint checks ideal for more informal garments. This means that if you take a specimen of 1 inch X 1 inch of this fabric, you will find 76 number of warp yarns and 68 numbers of weft yarns. In this case, we suggest you send us the fabric so we can analyze it for you. Do not use plastic containers. Examples of natural fibres are cotton, silk, wool and linen. If your fabric swatch is stretchy, it might contain spandex (elastane). Natural fibres are derived from plants or animals. 3. tightness of the weave or knit (tighter improves the rating) colour (darker colours are usually better) stretch (stretching lowers the protection) moisture (many fabrics have lower ratings when wet) 2. Fabric testing methods are designed as standard testing procedures with a purpose to help the textile industry and apparel industry monitor quality. Eysan offers free fabric analyze service, including fabric composition, fiber content, fabric weight and knitting structure. Ends per inch are 76 and Pick per Inch is 68. Modern textile manufacturers employ progressively more sophisticated methods and use a variety of natural, man-made, and synthetic fibers. Fabric Testing Methods - Fabric Terms of Interest to the Fashion Industry. Pay attention to the odor of the smoke. After reading this article, you will no longer need to rely on your fabric supplier to check the fiber composition for you. Much of the information presented in this chapter focuses on some new testing methods for fabric composition such as ‘quantitative fibre mixture analysis’ for fabrics by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), using the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) method to characterize the surface, interface and dynamic properties of fabrics. Factors that contribute to the UPF rating of a fabric are: composition of the yarns (cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.) © 2020 Eysan Fabrics Co,. 30X30 / 76X68 (Here yarns count are mentioned first and then EPI X PPI is mentioned). Keep pulling the yarn until you get the full length of one yarn, from one side to another. This means that if you take a specimen of 1 inch X 1 inch of this fabric, you will find 76 number of warp yarns and 68 numbers of weft yarns. £98.00. Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. The fabric swatches are developed in the pre-production phase, according to the Pantone number given by the customer. Or EPI X PPI = 76 X 68. All our cotton checked fabrics are yarn dyed to give a crisper looking check. Furthermore, most countries require a fiber composition label to be attached to all finished products. You can perform a simple burn test to identify the material makeup of the yarns. Please note that it is normal for the final result to be slightly different than the percentages shown on the label. Occasionally, the fabric is quite expensive, so we ... 2. This information may be hard to comprehend, but we will try to guide you to choosing the right fabric for your shirt. Be patient. Hold snippet in a pair of tweezers over the dish. To help accurately date your vintage clothing, here's your go-to reference for tips and tricks to reveal a garment's probable vintage era based on the details of its tags and labels alone. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The Method Cut a 1” long triangular shaped snippet off from your fabric. [News] Taiwan’s Eysan Fabrics to Attend Milan Design Week for New Textile. Width: 140 cm Composition: 100% wool Rub Test: 28,000 No. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Remember which type of yarn was the last to be pulled from the fabric, then try to get at least 10 of each type of yarn and the very last yarn you pull out should be of the same type that came last initially. Composition books are a staple in back to school supplies, but disguise them in pretty fabric and they can infiltrate other areas in your life and serve a purpose at the same time. This guide will walk you through a selection of popular fabrics which are suitable for producing garments. Put the piles of each type of yarn on the scale and write down the weights. It may take some time. All Rights Reserved. The polyester is woven into a light fabric, which is then brushed to achieve greater volume in the fibers. To get an idea of what a fabric feels like, looks like and acts like without actually touching it we have added extensive information about all the fabrics on our webpage. Sometimes it is difficult to pull spandex yarns from the fabric. Collection: Ascot Use: Upholstery, curtains/drapes and accessories. We only need a small piece of fabric for the test. This is to allow you to get an accurate representation of the fabric’s fiber composition. We have an article that explains how to conduct a burn test: how to identify fabric fiber content by burn test. Cut a square from the swatch that is about 3-4 cm on one side, if the swatch is already quite small, then there is no need to cut it! Add up the total weight of all the yarns. A fabric burn test won't tell you the exact name of the fabric you're dealing with, but it will help you match laundering and pressing needs. If you have any questions or inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Known for its long staples and superior quality 100% Egyptian Cotton is the premier choice of shirting fabric. It is a manufactured assembly of fibers and /or yarns that has substantial surface area in relation to its thickness and sufficient mechanical strength to give the assembly inherent cohesion. = 3622.04. Vintage labels are a square of information that while tiny, are huge clues for performing the detective work a good vintage lover knows and loves: Dating the era of one's vintage piece! It was invented in the late 1970s by engineers working for textile maker Malden Mills. (The knitting pattern should appear to have vertical lines) Then pull some yarn from the edge. If you have a fabric swatch in hand with an unknown fiber composition, it will be nigh impossible to order more fabric of the same type. Various materials can be used to weave a fabric. A big mistake people make, Bob says, is not considering how a fabric or leather may age over time. To determine the composition of different fibres in a blended fabric we have to Plus, I know that if the supplies are cute, I am much more likely to be consistent and I find the same is true for my kids, especially my girls.
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