Courtesy of jck : In 1978 Americans Louis Riechartd and James Wickwire ascended new route on the north-east ridge. The BP only climbers left BC around July 12th. Alan Rouse and Julie Tullis made the ascent, but died on the descent. This allows you to understand all the cost components of an Everest climb. Mingma Gyabu "David" Sherpa (Nepal) topped Everest on 21 May 2018 and K2 on 21 July 2018 - a total time of 61 days 55 minutes. An easy mountain like Bierstadt can take as little as four hours for those in great shape while a technical route with a long trek to the mountain base can take two days or more. For a full list of record titles, please use our Record Application Search. These amounts will of course vary, based on the number in your group and the inclination of the government. Comments below may relate to previous holders of this record. From Hushe the trekking path will bring you to Khuspang in 3 days via traditional camps of Siacho, Gondogoro Broq, Dalsangpa. The first climbers on top were Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli. was Czech climber Josef Rakoncaj (1983 & 1986). For this purpose a party shall provide him, free of cost necessary kit and equipment in order to enable him to perform his duties without any risk to his person. Highest in the region, the stone & timber abodes contain dark & narrow stairwells riven by gloomy, unlit alleys cluster within the embrace of the fertile terraces. You will need to get trekking permits there. Best to travel fast as possible in this area as sections have been known to collapse along the shoulder.Camp 4 at about 25,000 is still more than 1/2 a day (most likely closer to a full day) from the summit.The Summit 28250 feetMost climbers leave between 10 p.m and 1 a.m. for the summit. Overnight in Chilas. Over the years, K2 has developed a reputation as one of the most difficult and dangerous 8,000-meter peaks to climb in the world. She typically travels light, without oxygen or high-altitude porters. It can take up to 9 hours to reach the summit and in variable weather conditions you push safety limits to the maximum. Four 8000m peaks sit within a radius of 13 miles from Concordia, making this the largest concentration of the highest peaks anywhere on earth. If a party does not receive measurement before its departure for Pakistan it may bring standard size kit and equipment. Walk : 05-06 hrs Grade : Moderate Altitude : 4150 M. DAY 18 DALSANGPA -TO- SHAICHO Resume trek along the path, Keep yourself on the left side of the lateral moraine, crossing several side streams. '''Achille Compagnoni was the first man to climb K2 and he did it on July 31, 1954.''' The climb The Pakistan side The Abruzzi Spur (South East Ridge) First climbed by Italians in 1954, this is the closest to a "normal" route on K2, but is still very difficult and statistically the most dangerous. Japanese first female K2 Climber Yuka Komatsu (23), and Tatsuya Aoki (21),reached the summit on August 1, at 4:50 pm, local time. All Rights Reserved. If however , a party wants to have a rest day then porter(s) shall be paid full wages etc.For forced halt on bad weather days a party shall pay t porter full daily wages and rations. If however. This process takes a long time since you will be staying in one camp and climbing for a few hours before returning to the previous camp so that you get used to the climate. She has bagged Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, GI, GII and K2 Nanga Parbat in just a few years. This route, latter called the Abruzzi Spur, is the route that latter led to the first summit of K-2.In 1938 the Charles Houston led team made it to 25,000 on the Abruzzi Spur Route. Its allure arises from the combination of its isolation, extremes of weather, great altitude and technical climbing demands; K2 is a very serious and compelling objective. A half-an-hour break at the south summit will be relishing. 7 Nives Meroi from Italy. You pick your way across moving boulders and ice, finally crossing the glacier up to the camping site to reach Dalsangpa, meaning 'field of flowers', lives up to its name. How to set or break a Guinness World Records title. the leader should give in writing the reason for such disagreement. Beyond Askolie is complete wilderness and glaciers. This route was not attempted again for seventy-four years.In 1909 the Duke of Abruzzi, the noted Italian, attempted the climb via the southeast but made it only to 19,600 feet. For this purpose a party shall provide him with standard kit/equipment free of cost.In case a low altitude porter is desired by the party to go above 5,500 meters (except passes enroute) he shall be entitled to kit / equipment and ration as prescribed for high altitude porters.WAGES OF PORTERS A rough idea on wages and charges for animal and mechanical transport will be communicated to the party along with the formal permission letter.Payment of wages to porters shall be made when they are discharged. She also has reached Shisha Pangma’s Central Summit. Consider bringing a thin line (4-5mm) for the Bottleneck, a 100-meter narrow couloir at 8300 meters that is 80-90 degrees. Q: How long did it take? The trek on the Baltoro Glacier provides awesome mountain scenery of Masherbrum (7750m),Uli Biaho Tower (6190m), Trango Towers (6300m) Grand Cathedral (5228m) and Mustagh Tower (7284). The Passing through a rock gap we cross the Biafo glacier and camp beside its snout at korophone. Evening sightseeing. The ridge and route loom menacingly above Base Camp on the Godwin-Austen Glacier on the south side of the mountain. The climb to Camp 2 includes a 50-meter off-width crack called House’s Chimney which is currently a spider’s web of old ropes. You will be required to travel with a Pakistani Army Liaison Officer, and will also be responsible for his fee, equipment, and expenses.  After scrambling over a ridge we come across what legend says an old polo field. Overnight in tents. As the team began to retreat and began lowering Gilkey by ropes, one member of the team slipped and pulled down 4 others with him. The film is about 56 minutes... VHS K2 DVD by Billy Pierson, (13 ), climbing and trekking services for K2 area,, ITINERARY INFORMATION FROM LOCAL TOUR OPERATORS. Eza adds the follwing information: The first climb to K2 was made by the Italian team led by Ardito Desio. Organizer and Leader Dan Mazur put the first surviving Briton on the summit of K2 and the first Americans on the summit of K2. She typically travels light, without oxygen or high-altitude porters. (193), Climber's Log Entries What is high altitude sickness? Climbing from balcony to south summit will take you around two and a half hours. That summer K2 had 28 people summit in a single day, bringing the total to 30 for the year. Understanding altitude illness will reduce your risk for an emergency in the mountains. Walk : 07 hrs Grade : strenuous Altitude : 4650 M. DAY 14 CONCORDIA -TO- ALI CAMP After an early breakfast leave the Concordia and we will cross several side glacier to reach our right path. This film is produced By American Billy Pierson who reached the Summit of K2 on 7/30/00 as part of Gary Pfisterer's expedition. DAY 20 HUSHEY -TO- SKARDU AM : Embark jeeps for a full day ride on a winding jeep trail to Skardu. This is one trip where I would feel more comfortable as part of a larger group, as stories of robbery abound all along this notorious highway. as i’ve said for years, the short answer is a car or at the cost of climbing everest is around $45000 but much depends on decisions made before joining a climbing team. The expedition is being led by Mr MH Muzzaffar Faizi ACP Executive Council member whereas its other members include Mr Wazir Jaffar Shigri - ACP Representative at Skardu and Nisar Hussain. k2 base camp trek distance K2 base camp trek distance is 90 kilometres, which involves daily trekking of 6-7 hours from Askole village.
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